19 May 2016

Longweekend is coming

Long weekend is upon us. Things have changed for my long weekend plans but I'm very much ok with that.

This Friday evening the old boys (Crew 2.0 - Ontos, Longsword, Doc, Pale Rider and myself) have our every two month gathering for board games. We're going to play Myth - we had a successful MERCS Recon run in March and Emergence Event in Dec so we're going to try the last Megacon Game product to complete the set.

Saturday was a bit of a bust and I've canned the Open House BBQ at my place that was planned for Sunday. We got some bad news regarding our house, we need to move out come next Summer instead of 4 years... so that deck that would have cleaned up the backyard to have folks come and go and enjoy the space is no longer being built on Saturday. Without that space we don't have enough room to host and the event now has to be canceled. C'est la vie - Awe well.

This weekend I'll be working on terrain, planning a backcountry camping trip or three, and getting some game on my PC. XCOM 2 has some great DLC that has dropped recently and I'm missing out here. My Xbox One has also been neglected, as miniatures have taken up my time and my money so jumping back into that pond sounds about right.

Next Week is the final push for a stage in my project (day job) and I will be taking a week off to recover from laser eye surgery. My second job gave me an award and once I go in for laser eye surgery I'll be taking at least a month off so I won't be back there until late July.

I'm looking forward to GENCON come August. I get to see Carlos from Covus Beli (Infinity), the folks from Privateer Press (Warmachine, Hordes, IKRPG, etc.), and watching Fantasy Flight Game talk about their plans for the coming year.

I'm hoping to see a new 2 player starter box for Infinity and some updates on Operation: Acheron the next book that was announced way back in second edition. I'm also hoping they show off a new Bakunin starter box set, a Ninja Boxset, and an update to the Salamandra.

From Privateer Press I'm hoping to see the next set of stuff since MkIII will be fresh off the presses. Maybe the new faction books will be published and we'll get an update on hopefully an IOS IKRPG book.

Fantasy Flight Games has a large IP selection; Net Runner, Twilight Imperium, and more recently Legend of the Five Rings. I really want to see what's coming for Lo5R and GENCON would be a great place to talk about it.

Outside of some seminars I've got a painting class that will teach me how to do the 2 Brush Blending technique. I will also be doing some shopping - getting a new "baby bag" for my minis. The Battlefoam tournament bag looks like what I'm looking for. I'm also looking at one of two games: Bushido and Dystopian Wars both have been on my radar for years and I think I'll finally jump in. Lastly I want to play games between seminars. Get some Batman Miniatures in, some Infinity and I'd love to try out the new MkIII.

So that's what's going on with me.

- Cheers