12 Apr 2016

Updates and it's getting hard to find good sleep

First off new Edition of Warmachine and Hordes annouced! It's been six years and Privateer Press is in a edition change. When you look at Warhammer 40k, I came in around Third Edition (1998) and was there for the change to Fourth Edition (2004). I left after Fifth Edition (2008) and I missed the changes to Sixth Edition (2012), and Seventh Edition (2014).

Looks like a new set of Warcasters and Warlocks. New fancy starter boxes. Changes to the battlegroup mechanics. Loss of Terror and Abomination. Pre-mesuring ... Seems my GenCon this year just got the more crazy.

My major concern was the effects to IKRPG. Right now Privateer Press has three game systems for the Iron Kingdoms property. The core games are Warmachine and Hordes as the table top tactical game. Fullmetal Fantasy IKRPG and Unleashed as the role-playing games. Lastly we have Undercity and upcoming crowdfunded game - Widower's Wood as the adventure boardgames. Now all three game systems share lots. Between the tabletop and the RPG the mechanics are some similar that it's easy to cross over and play your RPG characters in larger crazy battles. With the changes to the core products will this greatly affect the RPG? I hope not since that's been the best selling feature to the IKRPG.

Folks this week has not been a good week and it's only a Tues. Both jobs have kind of exploded and I'm having issues with my new sleeping device. Not a good state after a fun but not so much relax focused vacation.

For the last couple of weeks I've been on a CPAP device to help me stop snorring. I did a sleep study at my old job and I had bad... really bad sleep apnea. I left that job before they could hook me up with a solution. Well last September (2015) - I had nose surgery and I work up in the ICU. So things did not go as planned. I did another sleep test post surgery and the results were much better. Only 40+ sleep events in an hour. Severe sleep apnea is 30 events an hour. So I went into my third round of tests last Thursday and they had to change things. Since that Thursday I've not been sleeping well and it's kicking the everliving shit out of me. The adjustments to my device have been hard for the body to adapt to. Add in the start of seasonal allergies and it's a mix of poison on to of poison.

I'm sleeping 8 hours as per the machine but I'm waking up beat up and exahusted.

Since the start I've come to hate my machine - I rip off the mask most nights near the back third of my sleep cycle but even then I felt rested and not beat up. Now... well things are changing and Dozer here is not adjusting well.

So chillax I may be a bit behind for the next couple of weeks.

- Cheers