16 Apr 2016

Mass Effect 2 Journal - 11

Note that I did Thane's mission and ran around doing a few side quests before taking on his loyalty mission.

Nassana Dantius
Diplomatic Evoy - Mass Effect
Liara had already given Shepard the information regarding Thane and his most recent target before she left Illium. Thane was targetting Nassana Dantius a former diplomatic evnoy Shepard had run into during his time fighting Soveriegn.

She had asked Shepard to find her sister who was captured by slavers. After hunting down and killing all the slavers Shepard discovered that the Asari Slaver was in fact her sister and she con'ed Shepard in removing her sister from affecting her business.

Now years later her practices were catching up with her. Thane was coming in to shut her down. Shepard had to get to him. Seryna was a shipping clerk who had been bribed by Thane for info on his target. She explains to Shepard that Thane is probably going to infiltrate Nassana's office buildings the Dantius Towers through the second tower which is under construction into the completed tower and location of Nassana's office.

Shepard airlifts in and proceeds to infiltrate the building. Garus and Kasumi take the flank as Shepard makes contact with construction MECHs. After the fight he frees a a group of trapped salarian construction workers who were put in there by Thane. It seems they were to be killed by the new mercenary guards and Thane killed them and moved on. Seems the Assassin is particular about who he kills making Shepard even more interested in the Assassin.

The team's presence was now known and went into full assault mode. They quickly took back the second tower and got across the first tower. Total kills 105 - yep there is 105 bad guys from start to finish. This was a massacre. By the time Shepard breached the office, Nassana and her Eclipse mercenaries were ready. She vented and ranted about how she had Shepard kill her sister and she was now going to kill him. Suddenly Thane comes down from above and in seconds kills everyone not part of Shepard's team. After gunning down Nassans, Shepard watches the assassin pray over her body.

Thane is dying, Shepard knew that, but Thane is trying to leave the galaxy in a better shape and that means cleaning up the garbage for as long as he can. Shepard offers Thane a spot on the team and Thane quickly accepts.

After collecting resources and resupplying. Thane asks for Shepard's help. His contacts on the Citadel have informed him that his son Kolyat has taken on a hit. Hoping for his son to have it better than him, Thane is hoping to stop his son from completing the hit.

Taking Garus for the C-Sec contacts, the three return to the Citadel. In check in with C-Sec. Once again Captain Bailey is approached and he informs Shepard about a informer named Mouse making contact with Kolyat. Thane is disturbed by this as he explains that Mouse was a former asset that he used when operating in the Citadel. After speaking with Mouse, the teams learns that Elias Kelham was the one who hired Thane's son. Back at C-Sec Garus and Bailey explain that Kelham was once small time and expanded his operations in the Citadel after the Geth attack two years ago. Bailey is able to bring Kelham into custody. Garus leaves the two alone and watches with Bailey. Knowing that Kelham's lawyer is coming Shepard makes a quick call. He pulls out his Spectre status. Unwilling to torture the man of make things worse for Thane and his son, Shepard uses his immunity as a Spectre to threaten Kelham. Even with his lawyer Kelham gives the information on the target: A racists Turian politician, Joram Talid.

With information on the target the team leaves C-Sec to stop Kolyat. Thane has Shepard take to the catwalks while he works the lower level. Garus will be in support ready to engage from a distance. Shepard shows Talid from above catching glimpses of Thane below as Talid moves through the crowds.

Kolyat strikes and forces Talid to flee back to his apartment. Thane and Shepard follow and find the son holding Talid hostage. C-Sec bursts in shortly after Shepard's team but Shepard is able to calm the young Drell down and bring the situation to a close. Before Kolyat is taken away - he's given time with Thane. The relationship is not yet healed but it's no longer a festering wound.

With that complete Zaeed approaches Shepard calling in his marker. A refinery on Zoyra was taken by the Blue Suns and Zaeed is after the leader of the Blue Suns Vido who is leading the operation. As Shepard and Garus arrive on scene the Blue Suns have taken the refinery. The landing is quick and deadly, Garus and Zaeed fight hard on the flanks. Zaeed seems to be angry as he fights through the initial layer of defenders and Garus is back hunting Mercs. Shepard led the way deep into the refinery. The fighting inside intensified causing the facility to be damaged and trapping workers to burn. Zaeed was eager to move on and was willing to sacrifice the workers to get his revenge on Vito.

Then it call comes out. Zaeed and Vito founded the Blue Suns mercenary and Vito ousted Zaeed. Shepard reminds Zaeed that vengeance is the secondary objective and liberating the foundry also includes saving the workers. Once the workers were saved and the assault teams fought through the rest of the refinery Vito was already in the air. Zaeed took a shot but missed Vito, only killing the man beside him before he was out of range. Zaeed was furious that his chance at Vito was taken. Shepard did not back down, Garus watched him put Zaeed back in line. He was in or he was out, being in meant that he followed Shepard.

Zaeed followed.

When the team returned to the Normandy Cerberus called Shepard. A collector ship was derelict and ripe to be investigated. Shepard ordered Garus and Kasumi ready and had the Normandy make course for the Collector Ship. It seemed like a mix of organic and non-organic material. Pods littered the area - the same pods that the Collectors used to transport their captured prey. The ship was huge and silent like some sleeping beast. EDI identify the ship as the same that raided Horizon.

The ship was empty. Kasumi was always ahead of the team and Garus trailed behind. Shepard found some equipment and with EDI's help started putting pieces together. It all came apart at when they reached the center of the massive ship. Pods covered the walls. The ships massive size and hold of pods showed the scale of the Collectors hunt for humans. The colonies would not be enough to fill this hold they would need to move on Earth.

It's then the ship came to life. As if the whole ship was suddenly alive and alert. EDI scrambled to come up with an escape plan while Joker kept the Normandy safe and ready to reach Shepard's assault team. The fighting was a blur of violence, pain, and threats from the Collector general as he made himself visible through holograms and possession of his troops.

It was a trap.

Fighting through the twisting and turning tunnels of the ship was in contrast to the moments when the team was fighting aboard one of the floating platforms through the center chamber of the ship. Eventually the team made it back to the shuttle. At that moment the ship comes to life.

A lot was learned but it was a trap, one the Elusive man knew about this just made it clear for Shepard. Cerberus was on his side for as long as they needed him. No matter the Elusive man's twisting of words Shepard was expendable. There was a derelict Reaper that had been found and inside was an IFF transponder that would allow a successful jump to the Omega 4 relay and the Collectors Base. That was the next target but the team was not yet ready.

This also proved that as good as the Normandy was it still was not a match for the Collectors. The upgrades suggested by the crew were now a priority. Shepard needed Tali and so he deployed the ship to her last known location.