28 Apr 2016

Infinty - The Add On's

This post is a long time coming but I'm only now getting to it. With everything that's going on it's hard to write up a new post so I'm reaching into my drafts and finishing what I already have down.

Infinity is one of my favorite games, and my favorite Table Top miniature game for the last couple of years... pretty much since N3 (Infinity 3rd edition) hit the floor. Warmachine and Hordes are my second favorite due to the range of minis, merging and supportive games in the same IP; IKRPG, High Command, etc.

Infinity is a game with beautiful miniatures. It is played with a deep rule set with lots of breadth for gamers to use. The community is one of the more supportive collection of gamers with a focus on intent of actions and casual play. Even with the annual ITS (Infinity Tournament System) release for organized play, the games have come off more casual than other games I've played. Also the price is brilliant when compared to other games in the hobby.

Infinity is also demanding game. You need terrain. You need a slew of tokens. You need lots of support. Pod-casts like MayaCast and Forward Observer, sites like Data-Sphere, and all the free rules, army builder, and PDFs from the company really give a good foundation on what to expect from the game and the folks who run this game.

Recently with all the terrain I've been building - which is a lot of terrain, I've still been looking at even more terrain. Because I'm a fucking nutter.

Check out what I found.

First off I want to send out a shout to Art of War Studio's.

These folks have some nice looking token sets for plenty of games. For my mate who play X-Wing this is the nicest set of tokens and accessories I've seen. The custom Rebel and Imperial measuring devices and tokens are perfect for anyone who's deep into that game.

TO Cammo Tokens
by Art of War Studios
Me I'm a fan of the Camo Tokens. They have two sets, a green tinted set of Camo Tokens and the TO Camo Tokens seen below. I've asked Grantt (username on DataSphere) if he could make another set of silhouettes for something less Ariadna and more Ninja or Zero/Spektr and I'm eager to hear back from him.

There order tokens are also very nice. The Infinity Designs Core Set is a great starter set of acrylic  tokens for someone new to the game. I love the idea of having retreat tokens. Also some of the simple design elements like the simple image and future style around the border are really slick.

Take a look and if you like as much as I do pick something up.

Next up I need to mention MC Studios. I heard of Marc C's work when he sent me a PM on DataSphere last year in March. He was curious of picking up a Laser and starting his own terrain line. He crowd funded on Kickstarter and has pulled two waves of his Modular M4 series of future terrain.
He's a still new to the scene but I look forward to watching my neighbour (he's from Montreal the closest major city from Ottawa) grow. His most recent set, Neo Casa looks bloody brilliant. I'm also a fan of his Pulp line. Both have a well priced (in Canadian $) package deals and they are very sturdy for super think cardboard.

My favorite building he has is the Collapsible TAG Repair Shop from his M4 line. I'm also a fan of the collapsible nature of his terrain making it easy to transport. This is key for tournament organizers and mates who move their terrain around. I'm having a hard time find a portable storage solution for all of my terrain but Marc C's stuff is great with that in mind. If I ever ended up a WarCor for Infinity, I'd be buying up his stuff like crazy in order to support regular events.

I can't jabber on about Infinity terrain without making mention of Zen Terrain. I have more of their stuff than I have of anyone else and it's all good. I'm not surprised that he was asked to provide supplies for Human Interface: Nakamura Tower (which I also backed on Kickstarter). The stackable Hab structures are awesome. I recently got the new L shaped Hab buildings and they work so well. The three pack of smaller Hab buildings are one of the staples of my table builds.

His set of tokens is my current token set. I snagged 11 tokens in light green with I and another set with II, making up 11 regular orders. I also picked up 5 start tokens, 1 in blue and 4 in clear as my Lt order token and command tokens. Lastly I also picked up two sets of 10 teardrop shaped tokens, orange irregular and red impetuous, to show off which mini is under what rules when I have to use those orders. Makes it very clear who is in what state when dealing with irregular troops and when suffering loss of lieutenant. I'd love to see a bundle made up for future buyers with the above make up. I could see myself getting a second set for a buddy or for guests when they come over for WIN.

Passenger Train
by Terrakami Games
I hope to post the table and my terrain soon. April is ending quickly but May looks like the light at the end of the terrain tunnel. So I have a post I'm writing that shows off all the terrain I've painted and done up.

There is only one thing I still really want. Terrakami's two train sets.

I'd love to have both train sets but I'll probably get only one passenger train and order the cargo wagons later. I'm working on a scenario that would include the train that would be using rules and ideas from previous ITS and Paradiso missions.

Well that's if for me today... take a look and if you hit those places tell them Dozer (my user name on Data Sphere) sent ya. Being smaller companies I want them to know that the work has fans.

- Cheers