11 Apr 2016

Infinity Human Sphere - UPDATE

Holy shit while I was away on vacation down south at Adeptacon Corvus Beli dropped some major news along with some Human Sphere news.

First off the minis for the next two months.

April - New Releases
Kazak Spetznazs – HMG
Revered Healer – Boarding Shotgun
Yaogat – MULTI Sniper
Maghariba Guard
ISS Starter Set

May - New Releases
Bashi Bashouk
Kosuil – Boarding Shotgun
Xeodron Batroid

Mushashi 3d image
by Corvus Beli
Also sometime soon we're getting the First Contact Onyx Army pack, which will be some sort of army deal for the brand new Combined Army Sectoral.

Please note that they are making a new Musashi ... sorry two new Mushashis. Looking like a version 1.0 and a new version 2.0. The 3D sculpts look fucking awesome.

Mushashi v2.0 3d image
by Corvus Beli

Oh did you notice the Maghariba in the list...

Maghariba Guard 3d image
by Corvus Beli

That's a nice 3D render - but the full mini below looks even better.

It's here... the paint job has the potential to melt eyes
by Corvus Beli
Lastly we also have news on the new ISS Starter

ISS Starter
by Corvus Beli

Awesome can't wait for the new love for the JSA.

Gen Con is looking awesome. I really hope the new two player starter is released there. I think that ALEPH or Tohaa will be one of the two factions. I think Haqq and Yu-Jin would still be the better pack but if one of them left I'd have it for the two factions that will be showing up for the first time in N3.

- Cheers