4 Apr 2016

General Update - April 2016

Folsk today will be quick and dirty. I leave for vacation tomorrow and I have lots of bits and pieces to throw on the post before I fuck off for the week. My images will update through the day since a few didn't fully upload.

First off Project Updates -

PROJECT MILL STONE: Is going well, I'm elbows into the sprite sheets and tomorrow I'll be on the train for 5+ hours to meet Lady Bear in Toronto. I'll be finishing the sprites - I hope, and getting some draft background done for Ben. I'm really excited with how this is going next week I hope to have my sprites animated and Ben will be using those for the proto game we have so far. I'm also going to be drafting some ship layouts and designs as well... this has been one of two art project that have really hit that art nerve of mine.

PROJECT GET AWAY: We had a early end last session right before the final battle. Since then Brother Bear's unit of Mercenary Man-O-War Demolition Core have been put together. I have his custome made dudes in armour all ready to be based which I hope to do this afternoon after I get back from appointments at Ottawa University (I want more education!). I even did some scuplting with some putty and green stuff (It was the grey stuff but same thing) and the results look great. I havn't sculpted anything since I played Mordenheim in the early 2000s.

PROJECT MASS EFFECT: Is back! It's nice to be working on the series again and getting back into the head of Virgil Shepard.

Project update done, what else is new?

I did the pre-release for Shadows over Innistrad on Saturday for three matches. Each match is a best of three and I did really well. My pull was ok nothing to write home (or on here) about but the synergy of my cards did make a strong Green/Blue deck. I won my first match (2-0) and followed up with a strong second match (also 2-0). In both matches Clip Wings saved my bacon. My first match I used Clip Wings to drop the mama Angel hereself - Avacyn, in both games. The second game was an even better play since she was flashed in to block my attacker and I responded with Clip Wings. IT was great since she was the only flyer and her indistructability on the turn she is played means nothing when you're forced to sacrafice her. My second match I pulled a late frist game win through milling with Manic Scribe... so I felt really good. The second game I was being aggresive and I used Clip Wings again to drop my opponent's only flyer to keep my attack on and drop him quickly. I also learned that Tilt is the term Magic the Gathering players use when they want to flip the table in frustration. We war gamers just say "flip the table", has more agression to it and it would cause tons of damage to our wee minis.

My third match was my last. I didn't expect to play more than two matches since I had plans that afternoon but I had the time and played the manager of Wizard's Tower. My deck failed to turn on both matches, he felt really bad for me as he pounded in my face. I lost the match (0-2). Awe well it was a good time and I felt that had I stayed I could have pulled another couple of wins - maybe even prized.

Sunday I played the Two-Headed Giant with Pale Rider. In this format you only get one game because they last a lot longer. Dawn Seeker and Lady Wolf were teamed up as well and they placed 18th and we placed 21st. Our last game was against them and we failed hard. I had a great pull - I got two Olivia, Mobilized for War (one was my foiled promo) and I had some other good single cards that I was looking forward to get from the set but alas the rest of my pool did not support a stronger deck.

We won our first game rocking it and proceded to loose the next four games. Our second game was fun but we got put into a corner mid way through. Our third game was the longest game at a pre-release I've ever played. Both sides built up big board states and we just had the smaller state. The fourth game was pretty good. We were close but we failed to break through with a bomb, our tempo was killed and we couldn't get it back. Obviously our final game was a loss... it was bad. Our decks had quit the event but were physically present. It was an odd duck showing but a fun one.

On the table I got all my current buildings based and ready for painting. I finished my guard post and I've started to build my Kum Garage. I've finished my Systema buildings minus the insides but the tables and chairs are all finished. Today once things calm down I'll be doing some more painting and next WIN (13 April) I may have fulfilled my obective allowing me to finally play on the table again.

I finnaly played MERCS Reccon with Pale Rider, Ontos, Longsword and Doc. It was a great time and it makes me long for when I get Endure the Stars and Human Interface: Nakamura Tower (aka HINT) in my hands in the next month.

Pro Tip - Don't play XCOM2 on Ironman when you've been drinking all night. No matter the intelligence of the commity to which you couch co-op, if everyone has been drinking the advice is all fuckered.

I'm looking forward to seeing Hardcore Harry this weekend. I've also got a evening of Magic with some folks at the Dutchman's riverside cottage. By then I'll be making decks and fucking around with all the new Shadows over Innistrad cards with Lady Bear.

Speaking of Lady Bear it's our anniversary this week. We met 9 April 2010 and got hitched 8 Oct 2011. So I'm off to Toronto tomorrow via train as mentioned and I come back the same way with the Lady Bear. I love travel by train, it is so much more relaxing. We're off to see Pussifer on Wednesday and we have the rest of the week off. My only thing I've got on the go is another night at the sleep clinic with my CPAP on Thursday night after we get back.

So that's the update.

- Cheers