25 Apr 2016

Bad Days

Today I got some bad news.

My sleep apnea and other test results may prevent me from advancing in my second job and may even release me from those duties forever.

The routine medical check up led to some life changing news.

If things go well I will be able to advance and continue at my second job but some limitations on where I can go and what I can do.

If things go well ... I've got more testing and I wont be able to do lots of what I want to do while I live my life.

If things are at their worst well... that's a different post.

So now I'm trying not to lash out at every passer by, or close relation - I don't want to use Lady Bear as my emotional punching bag. I'm trying to think positive and come up with plans to solve my issues.

Today will be the bad day - tomorrow will be another day. Maybe it will still be bad or it will change. That's life but I have a huge say in how I will accept things.

I hate bad days.

- Cheers