28 Apr 2016

Infinty - The Add On's

This post is a long time coming but I'm only now getting to it. With everything that's going on it's hard to write up a new post so I'm reaching into my drafts and finishing what I already have down.

Infinity is one of my favorite games, and my favorite Table Top miniature game for the last couple of years... pretty much since N3 (Infinity 3rd edition) hit the floor. Warmachine and Hordes are my second favorite due to the range of minis, merging and supportive games in the same IP; IKRPG, High Command, etc.

Infinity is a game with beautiful miniatures. It is played with a deep rule set with lots of breadth for gamers to use. The community is one of the more supportive collection of gamers with a focus on intent of actions and casual play. Even with the annual ITS (Infinity Tournament System) release for organized play, the games have come off more casual than other games I've played. Also the price is brilliant when compared to other games in the hobby.

Infinity is also demanding game. You need terrain. You need a slew of tokens. You need lots of support. Pod-casts like MayaCast and Forward Observer, sites like Data-Sphere, and all the free rules, army builder, and PDFs from the company really give a good foundation on what to expect from the game and the folks who run this game.

Recently with all the terrain I've been building - which is a lot of terrain, I've still been looking at even more terrain. Because I'm a fucking nutter.

Check out what I found.

25 Apr 2016

Bad Days

Today I got some bad news.

My sleep apnea and other test results may prevent me from advancing in my second job and may even release me from those duties forever.

The routine medical check up led to some life changing news.

If things go well I will be able to advance and continue at my second job but some limitations on where I can go and what I can do.

If things go well ... I've got more testing and I wont be able to do lots of what I want to do while I live my life.

If things are at their worst well... that's a different post.

So now I'm trying not to lash out at every passer by, or close relation - I don't want to use Lady Bear as my emotional punching bag. I'm trying to think positive and come up with plans to solve my issues.

Today will be the bad day - tomorrow will be another day. Maybe it will still be bad or it will change. That's life but I have a huge say in how I will accept things.

I hate bad days.

- Cheers


16 Apr 2016

Mass Effect 2 Journal - 11

Note that I did Thane's mission and ran around doing a few side quests before taking on his loyalty mission.

Nassana Dantius
Diplomatic Evoy - Mass Effect
Liara had already given Shepard the information regarding Thane and his most recent target before she left Illium. Thane was targetting Nassana Dantius a former diplomatic evnoy Shepard had run into during his time fighting Soveriegn.

She had asked Shepard to find her sister who was captured by slavers. After hunting down and killing all the slavers Shepard discovered that the Asari Slaver was in fact her sister and she con'ed Shepard in removing her sister from affecting her business.

Now years later her practices were catching up with her. Thane was coming in to shut her down. Shepard had to get to him. Seryna was a shipping clerk who had been bribed by Thane for info on his target. She explains to Shepard that Thane is probably going to infiltrate Nassana's office buildings the Dantius Towers through the second tower which is under construction into the completed tower and location of Nassana's office.

Shepard airlifts in and proceeds to infiltrate the building. Garus and Kasumi take the flank as Shepard makes contact with construction MECHs. After the fight he frees a a group of trapped salarian construction workers who were put in there by Thane. It seems they were to be killed by the new mercenary guards and Thane killed them and moved on. Seems the Assassin is particular about who he kills making Shepard even more interested in the Assassin.

The team's presence was now known and went into full assault mode. They quickly took back the second tower and got across the first tower. Total kills 105 - yep there is 105 bad guys from start to finish. This was a massacre. By the time Shepard breached the office, Nassana and her Eclipse mercenaries were ready. She vented and ranted about how she had Shepard kill her sister and she was now going to kill him. Suddenly Thane comes down from above and in seconds kills everyone not part of Shepard's team. After gunning down Nassans, Shepard watches the assassin pray over her body.

Thane is dying, Shepard knew that, but Thane is trying to leave the galaxy in a better shape and that means cleaning up the garbage for as long as he can. Shepard offers Thane a spot on the team and Thane quickly accepts.

12 Apr 2016

Updates and it's getting hard to find good sleep

First off new Edition of Warmachine and Hordes annouced! It's been six years and Privateer Press is in a edition change. When you look at Warhammer 40k, I came in around Third Edition (1998) and was there for the change to Fourth Edition (2004). I left after Fifth Edition (2008) and I missed the changes to Sixth Edition (2012), and Seventh Edition (2014).

Looks like a new set of Warcasters and Warlocks. New fancy starter boxes. Changes to the battlegroup mechanics. Loss of Terror and Abomination. Pre-mesuring ... Seems my GenCon this year just got the more crazy.

My major concern was the effects to IKRPG. Right now Privateer Press has three game systems for the Iron Kingdoms property. The core games are Warmachine and Hordes as the table top tactical game. Fullmetal Fantasy IKRPG and Unleashed as the role-playing games. Lastly we have Undercity and upcoming crowdfunded game - Widower's Wood as the adventure boardgames. Now all three game systems share lots. Between the tabletop and the RPG the mechanics are some similar that it's easy to cross over and play your RPG characters in larger crazy battles. With the changes to the core products will this greatly affect the RPG? I hope not since that's been the best selling feature to the IKRPG.

Folks this week has not been a good week and it's only a Tues. Both jobs have kind of exploded and I'm having issues with my new sleeping device. Not a good state after a fun but not so much relax focused vacation.

For the last couple of weeks I've been on a CPAP device to help me stop snorring. I did a sleep study at my old job and I had bad... really bad sleep apnea. I left that job before they could hook me up with a solution. Well last September (2015) - I had nose surgery and I work up in the ICU. So things did not go as planned. I did another sleep test post surgery and the results were much better. Only 40+ sleep events in an hour. Severe sleep apnea is 30 events an hour. So I went into my third round of tests last Thursday and they had to change things. Since that Thursday I've not been sleeping well and it's kicking the everliving shit out of me. The adjustments to my device have been hard for the body to adapt to. Add in the start of seasonal allergies and it's a mix of poison on to of poison.

I'm sleeping 8 hours as per the machine but I'm waking up beat up and exahusted.

Since the start I've come to hate my machine - I rip off the mask most nights near the back third of my sleep cycle but even then I felt rested and not beat up. Now... well things are changing and Dozer here is not adjusting well.

So chillax I may be a bit behind for the next couple of weeks.

- Cheers


11 Apr 2016

Infinity Human Sphere - UPDATE

Holy shit while I was away on vacation down south at Adeptacon Corvus Beli dropped some major news along with some Human Sphere news.

First off the minis for the next two months.

April - New Releases
Kazak Spetznazs – HMG
Revered Healer – Boarding Shotgun
Yaogat – MULTI Sniper
Maghariba Guard
ISS Starter Set

May - New Releases
Bashi Bashouk
Kosuil – Boarding Shotgun
Xeodron Batroid

Mushashi 3d image
by Corvus Beli
Also sometime soon we're getting the First Contact Onyx Army pack, which will be some sort of army deal for the brand new Combined Army Sectoral.

Please note that they are making a new Musashi ... sorry two new Mushashis. Looking like a version 1.0 and a new version 2.0. The 3D sculpts look fucking awesome.

Mushashi v2.0 3d image
by Corvus Beli

Oh did you notice the Maghariba in the list...

Maghariba Guard 3d image
by Corvus Beli

That's a nice 3D render - but the full mini below looks even better.

It's here... the paint job has the potential to melt eyes
by Corvus Beli
Lastly we also have news on the new ISS Starter

ISS Starter
by Corvus Beli

Awesome can't wait for the new love for the JSA.

Gen Con is looking awesome. I really hope the new two player starter is released there. I think that ALEPH or Tohaa will be one of the two factions. I think Haqq and Yu-Jin would still be the better pack but if one of them left I'd have it for the two factions that will be showing up for the first time in N3.

- Cheers


9 Apr 2016

Mass Effect 2 Journal - 10

Shepard returned to the Liara and checked in on his investments. He moved a few more strategic pieces and spent some time with Liara. She was still in the darker places and he needed to try and remind her that there was a reason and a light worth keeping lit.

Upon returning to the ship, Grunt started acting out. EDI surmised that he was entering a development phase. Unlike a human where puberty is new hair and odd feelings, Krogans need to kill things. In the case of a genetic perfect Krogan, Grunt needs to kill things that are really big. Shepard took Garus and Grunt to see Wrex now the leader of Urdnot Clan. Krogan go through a right of passage with the support of their clan. Without a Clan Wrex explains that Shepard and Garus are allowed to help the young Grunt enter into adulthood as his krantt. Grunt's unique place in Krogan society causes problems - Gatatog Uvenk. A Krogan extremist and isolationist who challenged Grunt's right to perform the trials.

Shepard ignored him, no need to spend energy on someone like that. With Garus providing overwatch Grunt and Shepard arrived at the trial space. At the place of the trial lies a Keystone that when used summons a thresher maw. Before the creature arrives the keystone called lesser creatures. Grunt would always run right into the fray getting bogged down by the waves of beasts. Shepard would charge in to break up the mob while Garus' shots pass overhead striking down weakened creatures.
Grunt meets a Thresher maw

In the end the thresher maw arrived. Shepard had defeated these things in the past but normally in an armored assault vehicle. Now he was on foot. The monster dropped Grunt in a few blows and soon it was Shepard and Garus doing all the work until Grunt was able to get back up and rejoin the fight. Each time the young Krogan would be knocked down and Shepard would be there to pick up Grunt.

The trial was more than individual success it was about demonstrating the ability to pick the best team to support your hunt. Grunt had the best with him and after some back and forth the thresher maw fell. Gatatog and his kratt were watching the whole time. It seems the last person to not only survive but defeat a thresher maw in the trials was Wrex. Grunt is indeed a powerful Krogan and Gatatog has it in his head that killing Grunt will afford him a higher social standing. Instead he crosses the line - he threatens one of Shepard's crew. Gatatog has much to learn along side everything else in the galaxy. Don't fuck with Shepard's crew. The fight was fast and brutal and help solidify Grunt's entrance as a full member of the Urdnot Clan. Grunt would be back but the thresher maw was nothing to killing a Reaper and Grunt wanted in on that so the team returned to the ship.

Within everything that's been happening Mordin reached out to Shepard. They were still in orbit of Tuchanka and it brought up a secret. Mordin had helped with the Genophage... updating it to overcome the natural evolution of the Krogan who would finally overcome it through generations. His old apprentice Maelon who worked with him on the Genophage was captured by Blood Pack and was being held on Tuchanka. They were hired by Weyrloc Clan who was trying to overcome the effects of the Genophage. Mordin had two problems: the first was saving his former apprentice who's knowledge of the Genophage could advance their work, and second prevent the Weyrloc Clan from defeating the Genophage.

The team headed to the abandoned hospital at the edge of the Urgnot borders. The scouts who guided Shepard here did so only because they hoped he'd bring back one of the own who had gone missing. Contact with the Blood Pack was early on the advance towards the hospital. Garus made the first shot calling the team to arms. Shepard followed up slamming into the mercenaries. Mordin just watched. Seriously he did nothing on the first fight - as if he was scared or frozen.

Shaking off the fights and entering into the hospital the team comes upon the first of many failed experiments. Live experiments and almost tortured subjects, Mordin shows anger as he riles against what he is seeing. They get deeper into the hospital when they are confronted by the Speaker of the Weyrloc Clan. Like a madman he pontificated above Shepard and the victims of the experiment. Shepard cut him short and fired a round at a set of gas tanks. Mordin was no longer frozen and waded deep into the fight. Shepard kept Mordin from getting overwhelmed when Garus got into a duel with the enemy shooters.

The fight was short and the team moved deeper into the hospital. They found the wounded scout and told to link back with the scout team outside. Once in the bowls of the hospital in the occupied research wing. Weyrloc Clan and Blood Pack tried to hold Shepard and his team back but now they knew they were under attack and time was the factor for ensuring Maelon would not be killed. It was now a Hostage mission. Once they breached the final lab they found Maelon... who was working with the Weyrloc Clan out of guilt and not through threat. Mordin was furious - he knew the guilt Maelon carried but Maelon should never have given in to it. The horror's that Maelon inflicted on the female Krogan was barberic and Maelon threatened to restart for as long as he was alive. Mordin quietly solved that issue and was only left with Maelon's ill gotten data. Shepard had Modin keep it why waste something that was paid for and at such a high price.

Back at the Normandy Morin and Grunt settled in back to their respective routines. Grunt was now fending off mating offers and Morin was even more vested into the mission at hand. Shepard visited each of the crew to see how things were going. Jack and Miranda were more calm and focused. Jacob and Garus was gearing up for the fight... Shepard returned to Liara and checked in on her. She was busy working but took some time for him. He looked over the rest of the information on the dossier that Cerberus had given him. The Assassin... Thane.

Shepard needed someone who was already dirty. Someone who could get the job done in case Shepard died. Shepard needed a backup plan and Thane would get it done and Shepard's team would be saved the guilt. Yet Thane's files showed something else... Thane was not just another killer he was repentant. He was another dirty job man just like Shepard. Unlike Shepard he was dying cancer...

Alright Thane looked like the perfect candidate for the mission. Time to go get him.

4 Apr 2016

General Update - April 2016

Folsk today will be quick and dirty. I leave for vacation tomorrow and I have lots of bits and pieces to throw on the post before I fuck off for the week. My images will update through the day since a few didn't fully upload.

First off Project Updates -

PROJECT MILL STONE: Is going well, I'm elbows into the sprite sheets and tomorrow I'll be on the train for 5+ hours to meet Lady Bear in Toronto. I'll be finishing the sprites - I hope, and getting some draft background done for Ben. I'm really excited with how this is going next week I hope to have my sprites animated and Ben will be using those for the proto game we have so far. I'm also going to be drafting some ship layouts and designs as well... this has been one of two art project that have really hit that art nerve of mine.

PROJECT GET AWAY: We had a early end last session right before the final battle. Since then Brother Bear's unit of Mercenary Man-O-War Demolition Core have been put together. I have his custome made dudes in armour all ready to be based which I hope to do this afternoon after I get back from appointments at Ottawa University (I want more education!). I even did some scuplting with some putty and green stuff (It was the grey stuff but same thing) and the results look great. I havn't sculpted anything since I played Mordenheim in the early 2000s.

PROJECT MASS EFFECT: Is back! It's nice to be working on the series again and getting back into the head of Virgil Shepard.

Project update done, what else is new?

2 Apr 2016

Mass Effect 2 Journal - 09

Before Shepard left Liara's new base - he spent time pouring over the Shadow Broker's files on each of his team. He said goodbye to Liara promising to return often as possible. Shepard ordered the Normandy away and he met with his team one on one.

Miranda as Shepard's liaison between him and the Illusive Man was the first to make a request. She had gotten word that her sister had been found by her father - the man who had genetically modified her to be perfect. Shepard had agreed to help in hopes to have Miranda on his side when Cerberus would eventually turn on Shepard. After reading the file on Miranda, Shepard was convinced this was a worthy effort. She was deep in the world that Shepard had found himself in. It was his job to free everyone else.

Shepard and Garrus escorted Miranda on to Illium and took a local shuttle to meet with her childhood friend Niket. He was one of the few whom she trusted with the information of her sister. Before they could land Eclipse Mercenary Gunships shot down their shuttle. Landing hard a few meters off from the Mercs Shepard and his team move aggressively to meet with the Mercs who are being led by an Engineer. She orders the Mercs to hold fire and explains matter of factly to Miranda that Niket and her sister are being escorted off planet by Eclipse Captain Enyala. All the while the Mercs spread out around Shepard's team getting into better fire positions.

Eclipse - Shepard had just put down their elite team called the 'Sisterhood' who tried to smuggle out Minagen-X3. He had fought his way through them when he recruited Kasumi. Lastly and most importantly they tried to kill Garrus because he was better at killing them. Eclipse was full of the wrong people. Shepard ends the conversation. He breaks the Engineers neck and blows a shipping container above the heads of the Mercs getting into position. The combat is quick - Garrus probably had a bead before the fight broke out, and most of the mercs died before Shepard and Miranda could react (Seriously awesome - Garrus just rocked the fight, I only got one attack off before it ended).