20 Mar 2016

Shadows over Innistrad Spoilers - part 3

Now that the first week of the Shadows over Innistrad spoilers is done I'm catching up on some of the cards that have caught my interest. Once more the pictures are by Wizards of the Coast and used without their permission.

Transformation came from the first Innistrad block and I loved it. One of my favorite cards is Elbrus the Binding Blade. I've mentioned it before but I'm showing it off again as a great example of Transformation being used well mechanically and while supporting the flavor of the setting.

I've always dreamed of building a Unblockable deck and filling it to brim with 'deals damage to a player' mechanics. It would also need a lot of mana ramp but I think it would be neat to try... it would also be bloody expensive.

In Shadows over Innistrad we have another card that really shows off the Transformation mechanic well.

Westvale Abby

Playing a white weeny deck or any mass creature deck would love this card. Burning away a few lesser creatures only to gain a flying, lifelink, indestructible, hasted 9/7 is awesome.

Starting on a high lets see five more.

Elusive Tormentor 2BB

Speaking of unblockable creatures lets talk about this lovely creature. Discard a card is a great way to start a Madness mechanic - you'll see another below. Mixing this sucker with Neglected Heirloom will mean that Vampire will be a 5/5 and become an unblockable Hexproof, indestructable, first strike 3/4. After making a hit you can swap it back to a 7/7 first strike Vampire - for some tribal effects. Remember that you can transform this creature before damage is dealt... just remember that you can't transform if you've already done it that turn.

Fiery Temper - 1RR

Seems like a simple 3 damage burn spell that has a converted mana cost of 3. Well Madness changes that. If you discard it you can instead cast it for it's Madness cost which is a single red mana. So 3 damage for a single mana is awesome.

Silverfur Partisan - 2G

A 2/2 trample seems pretty week but the Wolf or Werewolf synergy is awesome. Add in the green pump spells and the you get to run wild with that slapped on trample. This is a slick looking card that will be great card for decks outside of the set.

Thraben Inspector - W

Thraben Inspector is a cheap one cost 1/2 that also generates a Clue. Early in the game, pulling a clue second turn is handy card advantage. My real interested in this card is also the stuff that the Inspector is pulling off the wall. It's looking very Eldrazi and could support the theory that Emrakul left Zendikar and has started to affect Innistrad causing all the issues - maybe even influencing Nahiri.

Flameblade Angel - 4RR

A 4/4 flyer for a converted mana cost of 6 is ok for a common card. The Angel's ability is where it does the most impact. Those one damage pings will rebound back on a player forcing them to make choices when damaging you. I think this can be a neat ability that some players will want to explore. I honestly think this would be a great card for Commander adding another shenanigan to the list.

Well that's another round of cards. Nothing new since Friday on my limited radar.

- Cheers