17 Mar 2016

Shadows over Innistrad Spoilers - part 2

This set is a full two week spoiler season a first from Wizards of the Coast and wow so far it's been awesome.

Before I go into what cards are exciting me I'm going to go over the most interesting card outside of my list to be released in the set, Arlinn Kord.

Arlinn Kord is similar to Garruk Relentless being a double faced planeswalker. Arlinn Kord becomes Arlinn, Embraced by the Moon and vice versa.

Arlinn Kord is the first up being the cast side at a cost of 2RG with a loyalty of 4 and only two abilities.

+1 Loyalty: Until end of turn, up to one target creature gets +2/+2 and gains vigilance and haste.
+0 Loyalty: Put a 2/2 green Wolf creature token onto the battlefield. Transform Arlinn Kord.
Starting Loyalty of 3

So pumping Arlinn for one loyalty you get a +2/+2 vigilance, haste creature. Very nice and simple ability that makes a mid game creature a bomb once it comes out. The other ability does not move the loyalty track but does generate a 2/2 wolf and transforms Arlinn Kord into Arlinn, Embraced by the Moon.

Arlinn, Embraced by the Moon has a different set of abilities. Note that a card getting transformed keeps all counters, equipment, and enchantments. In Arlinn's case she will have the same loyalty counters she transformed with.

+1 Loyalty: Creatures you control get +1/+1 and gain trample until end of turn.
-1 Loyalty: Arlinn, Embraced by the Moon deals 3 damage to target creature or player Transform Arlinn, Embraced by the Moon.
-6 Loyalty: You get an emblem with "Creatures you control have haste and "Tap: This creature deals damage equal to its power to target creature or player."

The first ability is a week Overrun, handy widespread effect and nice little bump. Great in applying presure and keeping the momentum on your opponent. The second ability is the most interesting. She does direct damage to player and reverts back to Arlinn Kord. This is a neat ability that is great if Arlinn is too far away from her ultimate ability and she's looking for more options.

Lastly her Ultimate ability creates an emblem that allows creatures to fight each other. Instant speed permenant fight ability. Wow. Very nice.

Arlinn looks like she will be bringing lots to the game post Innistrad and already I am getting ideas for wolf or werewolf themed decks.

So what about the other cards that have captured my interest?
Of course all images are by Wizards of the Coast and used without there permission.

First on this list of five that have caught my attention since my last post is Descend Upon the Sinful. At a cost of 4WW, this Sorcery. has two effects. It starts with Exile all creatures and has Delirium effect to finish off with.

This is going in my Death Commander Deck. It's a Black/White board wipe deck that's designed to earn the ire of many a player. Already this card is being listed for the deck and if I'm lucky I'll snag a copy.

The next card that has taken my interest is Daring Sleuth but you need to read Tamiyo's Journal to understand how it works. An aggresive Blue 2/1 Human Rogue for 1U is ok. When you pop a Clue (Artifact Token with "2, Sacrafice Artifact: Draw a Card") it transforms.

Now that's an interesting creature. The Bearer of Overwhelming Truths looks awesome. Once more the art in Shadows over Innistrad is slick and full of flavor. A Blue 3/2 Human Wizard who has Prowess and generates a Clue when dealing damage is pretty slick for the cost of a Clue. I can see this guy mid game becoming aggressive. If you're lucky getting this off early in the game will allow many players to set the tempo of the match.

The next card is Indulgent Aristrocrat. Costing a single Black mana for a 1/1 Lifelink Vampire is very good. Paying 2 and sacrificing a creature to give each Vampire a +1/+1 is simply fantastic. Vampire Tribal (where all the creatures are of one creature in this case Vampires) will love this card. This level of +1/+1 gain can quickly get out of control so long as the player has plenty of creatures to feed to the machine.

A our next card is a throwback to one of my favorites: Elbrus the Binding Blade. The Neglected Heirloom for a cost of 1 and equip cost of 1 you get a +1/+1. Not bad standard fare. If this is on a creature that transforms well so does the weapon. The Ashmouth Blade is a +3/+3 and first strike with an equip cost of 3. I can see this thing getting transformed, the creature holding it getting killed and now there's a better weapon to be picked up.

Last we have Sorin. Sorin, Grim Nemesis.

4BW for a Loyalty 6. Wow that's expensive but also heavy. I see Commander play taking this Sorin to town. Before I go into the details of the card I need to address one thing. The fucking ugly art. It feels like a rush sketch. None of the majesty of and detail that makes some of the other Sorin art is in this picture. This is one of the most disappointing pieces of art coming out of Wizards. It's made even worse when Sorin is a primary character in this set with it being his home plane. Also with the rules of this card - he deserves so much more.

The art for Anguished Unmaking is way better. It has impact to Sorin's actions in this block. It shows the power he wields. This hunched over, grey skinned fighter put too many rubies in his full plate. He seriously looks like some sort of Dungeons and Dragons villain from an adventure module.

Each of these abilities are long and plump with text. I'm not gona copy all of that here.

+1 Loyalty: It does global damage and you get a card. There is nothing wrong

-X Loyalty: This is gross and can shift the tide of a match. Being able to do direct damage to a creature or better yet a Planeswalker while also getting a bump in life is gross.

-9 Loyalty: The last and the most difficult ability. Also one of the most powerful abilities I've every seen. Popping a number of 1/1 Vampire Knights equal to the highest life total among players is... wow. In a Commander game, is this goes off and someone is playing a life gain stratagy, there could be an easy 40+ of the Vampire Knights.

Don't forget if you can drop an  Indulgent Aristrocrat and kill a few of them those knights will quickly grow to be much more than 1/1.

Well I'll do another post this weekend. Seems this post got corrupted and I lots a few things. I'll shit fixed soon.

- Cheers