15 Mar 2016

Shadows over Innistrad Spoilers - part 1

So the Mana Source one of the two You Tube channels I watch when it comes to Magic the Gathering has just posted their first official video for the first day of official spoilers. The other channel is Tolarian Community College which does a good job about showing off neat swag for your collections.

So lets watch the Mana Source and see what they have. After the video we'll take a look at what I'm eyeing.

So what do I think of the top five cards that took my attention in the video above?

Let's find out...

First off I know I'm picking from my colour sets below. I'm a Esper player; that's Blue with a love and affection for Black and White. With that in mind I'll start with the only card not in my colour set. Because I'm working on a short clock all of the pics below will not get their credit as per normal. Understand that each image is by Wizards of the Coast and used without their permission.

Nahiri, the Harbinger 2RW

Sweet merciful fuck. Lady Bear is all up in this one. As a Nahiri fan she is loosing her shit over this card. The art is glorious and the colours are perfect for her Lady Power Commander Deck which I've almost got to a solid state.

A converted mana cost of 4 with a starting loyalty of 4 is a pretty good deal. Loyalty 4 means she can take the odd wee hit and still be around. Her first ability is a great card advantage ability. In Commander, the graveyard is an ok place for cards with the amount of play from the grave out in the format. For Standard and Limited (Innistrad only via drafts/release events) there is loads of play from the graveyard and she'll take advanatge of it. Also delirium needs cards in the graveyard and she'll be able to stack the 'deck' in her favor.

Nahiri's second ability is flat out removal. Bang dead. She'll remove any enchantment, tapped artifact, or trapped creature. Industructable don't matter - it's exile. She can target a Theros god in both it's states (enchantment or creature). Right off being cast she can do this twice.

Her ultimate is an odd duck. First off it does not create an emblem as has been the norm in the last couple of planeswalkers. Instead you fetch a creature bring it into play with haste and then bounce it back into your hand end of turn. So it can be cast again... there are some large bombs that will love showing up a couple of turns early making it presence known before coming out again.

Got to say this card looks slick. This set is showing so much flavour...

Anguished Unmaking 1WB

Once more we're looking at some slick flavor with my favorite Planewalker Sorin and his creation Avacyn. The full art (seen below) has Tamiyo and Jace showing up to watch the man do his work.

Game Day Champion Playmat
Wow what imagery this set looks like it's gona be full of flavor. Hot damn.

Exile ANYTHING not a land. Converted cost of 3 mana and 3 life is a cheap price. Because you exile ANYTHING that is giving you grief. This can be great early in game when you're still flush with life or great late game removal when 3 life is worth killing that monster in your face.

Drogskol Cavalry 5WW

As ghosts are my favorite horror monster type, this flying 4/4 spirit does some awesome synergy for that creature type. I'm already seeing using it with training ground for the Spirit generation. There are plenty of effects that would work great with Spirits coming into play and this one does that. Having some more effects all around the Spirit synergy that this creature can support is awesome.

Naphalia Moondrakes 5UU

I did not see this coming, casting it from the graveyard sure seams like a great play for a late game rush. A seven cost 5/5 flyer is ok. Giving a creature flying for one turn is a bonus. This could be a late game bomb in limited or standard but I think the real magic is the 4UU cost from the graveyard effect, giving all your creatures flying for a turn. I can see this really mix it up in a Green/Blue monster deck giving a slew of evasion for a solid late game rush.

This card has the least flavour out of the five I've got here today... awe well.

Startle Awake - 2UU

I saved the best for last. I love to mill - see here. I love transform cards. The mechanic was in the first Innistrad block and it also popped in for the Planeswalkers in Magic Origins. I love evasion mechanics - Skulk is the new evasion in town and it's really neat. I love casting spells from my graveyard. Which this does...

Archive Trap is a 3UU cost for milling 13 cards or free if your opponent searched his deck. Ok this one is a mana cheeper - still I'm milling. But then I can cast it from my graveyard to get a 1/1 with Shroud. Which goes back into my hand if it does damage... so I can mill another 13... yes please. Maybe even on my sideboard for my 'Dream Eater' deck.

Also it's a Nightmare and the art - both images are slick as all get out.

Nice cards so far. See you later for another run down.

- Cheers