31 Mar 2016

Infinity Hacking N3

Sadly the time for the release of the post got fucked up so it's was really published a bit late. - Dozer

Infinity entered its 3rd edition over a year ago. Yet the brilliant edition has only a half measure. We were given a while new version of the Army Builder (Army v5). A complete set of rules that were much better organized and delivered then previous editions. We also only got half an army list - only the profiles of the units in the new N3 were updated.

So we waited and after a few months we got the interm FAQ and profiles for all the other units that were not in the N3 books. Those were half measures when you find yourself flipping between the N3 books, profile PDFs, and FAQs. It felt like I was skipping through post-it notes as I worked with units and equipment that weren't updated.

So this week Beasts of War is holding a Human Sphere N3 week in celebration - it's got some good stuff.

So one of the big pieces of news is the new sets of hacking devices. Check out the video and lets take a closer look and what they showed us.

Neat no?

First off the EVO Hacking device.

First off we have a slew of new passive options. Firstly you can Hack as a Coordinated Order. With my Nomads and slew of Hackers that tend to show up will now be able to work together. Add in a re-roll on hacking rolls - both Face to Face rolls and Normal rolls.

If that was all I'd be fine but Corvus Beli has made the EVO Hacking Device the go to EW suite for any inforwar centric army list. Sat Locks no longer have a -6 MOD and all Airborne Deployments get a +3 to the PH roll. That means locking on targets with software and calling in drop troops will now be a whole lot simpler.

In Infinity you cannot deploy any REM without a TAG, Engineer or a unit with a Hacking device. With the EVO Repeater now a Hacking Device it means that the various REM (Remotes - aka robots) that come with it can be deployed without a dedicated hacker. Talk about options... but wait there is more.

The player who has the second Player Turn is now able to deploy units with one of the special supportwares already active. That means if you're caught with your pants down at the start of the match a player with an EVO repeater can spend one of their four command tokens to support their force on top of being able to remove two regular orders from an opponent's command pool (with the cost of a second command token)

All of that and no mention of any of the software available with the EVO repeater. All of which are brilliant. The new EVO Supportware is damn handy and makes this hacking device a real toolbox for Hackers. Giving -3 to Resets, B2 to ARO (Automatic Reaction Orders) for all remotes with repeaters, allowing Fireteam Duo in generic armies, or just dropping the WIP of a enemy Hacker. All are good choices on top of the slew of supportware that we've seen scattered across other Hacking Devices.

Next device is the Killer Hacking device.

Looking a little in programs this device is deceptive upon first glance. The device is labeled as the anti-hacker device. Offering a suite of sortware that is designed to take down other Hackers. The three new SWORD - 2 programs offer Hackers plenty of tools to drop enemy infowar specialists. It's more weapons then most troop profiles have... enemy's of the Hacker with a Killer Hacking Device better beware they walk into a repeater range and they will feel the pain

Last but not least is the White Hacking Device. This was the secret device that Corvus Beli mentioned but did not spoil until now. I have to say I'm jealous of the folks at Adapticon who are getting first hand access and are able to buy early copies of the Human Sphere N3 book - with fancy new mini.

Like the EVO Hacking Device this one has some passive abilities. Firstly it has "If the user is the target of any kind of Suprise Shot from within his Hacking Area, he may ignore the negative MOD to his Roll imposed by any level of that Special Skill". So any Camo Sniper or Shotgun wielding Ninja will loose a major advantage... seriously if an Ninja pops in with their Shotgun because they are protecting an objective this Hacker will have a better chance of survival. Normally the Oniwaban will get +6 due to getting in close while the Hacker would get a -6 for the Cammo and -3 for the Surprise Shot. BS 11 +6 master Ninja is normally shooting versus a Interventor with BS 11 -9 (without ranges). The loss of the -3 is great passive ability when half the time my Interventor is also sporting a Shotgun and mitigating the -6 with a +6. 11(or 8) versus 17 is much better than 2 versus 17.

The second passive ability is also super neat. You can hold your ARO back for after the second Short Skill is declared within the Hacking Area. That's a huge bonus for a player when deciding their ARO. For some of my opponents I feel that it will change the way cammo units are dealt with - but I'm waiting for more information.

There are also a slew of great support software including some majro defensive bonuses for Anti-Hacker Protocols (aka the new programs found in a Killer Hacking device). Hackers can send back the attack software or fully block the attacks with a B2 even in ARO. Talk about some great defensive options.

So there we have it so slick new toys for the folks who play deep in the infowar game. For my Nomads I'm already thinking of how I'll get all three device out with a slew of repeaters to keep my coverage of the table complete.

I'm really looking forward to what else is coming out in HS:N3 and I can't wait to get the full rules in my hands.

- Cheers