29 Mar 2016

Firearms "Not for everyone"

So I was surfing my news on a rare weekend and I ran into this.

Theory: Firearms are not for everyone.

Now the big question is, am I making an exception that proves the rule?

Maybe but I will compare regulation of access and use of firearms akin to the regulations and limitations of access to cars, law degrees, certifications, etc. There is something of an expected standard of use that we associate with those things why not with Firearms.

I understand that some document written in 1787 says that everyone in the USA is allowed but that's quite short sighted and it seems like it's specific to the issues of that time. Then again I'm a Canadian and I have little say outside of my peanut gallery voice.

I do believe education is a big solution to the whole ratio with weapons owned, crimes and crimes with firearms. Looking at countries like Switzerland where shooting is major pastime of it's citizens, you'll be surprised on how low that ratio to population density is.

In 2014 there were 173 attempted and completed homicides, of which 18 involved firearms (10.4%). 41 of them were completed, therefore Switzerland had a murder rate of 0.49 per 100,000 population, the lowest raw figure and lowest rate for 33 years, since the start of the nationwide coordinated collection of statistical data, despite a strong growth of inhabitants (from 6.4 million to 8.1 million, +27%) over the same period.

The last major study that was published by the UNDOC (United Nations office on Drugs and Crime) reported the following stats which included the Intentional homicide count and rate per 100,000 population, by country/territory the following are the numbers for 2011. U.S.A. sports a ratio of 4.7 with 59% from firearms. Canada had a ratio of 1.5 with 29% from firearms. Switzerland's ratio is 0.6 in 2011 with 48% from firearms, and Autrailia has 1.1 with 17% from firearms.

Now I'm gona make an assumption. If all firearms were taken away the person committing the crime could still kill someone but I think the lack of easy to use murder devices aka firearms would reduce the ratio of homicides per 100,000 people. I think education and the concept on what a weapon is intended for plus legal availability would explain some of these high numbers.

The number of 'funny' videos on Youtube alone with firearms is staggering. It's like watching a Simpsons episode but instead of yellow cartoon people we're watching an American fuck around with firearms.

Serious this is fucked up. How can weapons be treated so poorly.

The video is funny at first until you realize that the weapons they kill people.

Entertainment media, video games, movies, tv, comics, etc. I'm fine with because they are not real - they are fictional representations of what a bang stick does. Video games are different they are fiction. If people can't tell the difference between reality and fantasy then I encourage them to go try some Jame Bond action stunts and solve everyone's issue. The fiction is not a real showing of what happens when people shoot at each other.

See it's different.

So here are some numbers and some ideas. Take a look and lets talk about it. No one person or idea they have is right but some of the numbers and some of the ideas are pretty scary. I don`t have the solution but I do questions what folks are doing and how firearms are treated and thought of.

- Cheers