13 Mar 2016

A little Quiet

I've not been as regular as I could be when it comes to posting. Two weeks ago, I hurt myself... in my sleep.

No seriously it's that stupid. I have a shoulder instability which has been a chronic problem all my life. My left shoulder is worse and I can pop it out on a whim. My right shoulder can only slip out, or partial subluxation, when I really push it. Both of my shoulder will go when I sleep on them during the night. Normally when either shoulder slips out, I feel pain and roll over... until I got my new CPAP machine.

When I started using it I got really deep in my sleep and I didn't roll over. So the next morning it hurt but I could still move it. Juts like when someone sleeps in a funny position. Well that night it happened again an this time it was worse. So now I wear a shoulder brace all day and certain movements and positions cause sharp pain.

Sufficed to say this has caused a slow down in my various projects and the pace of my posts.

- Cheers