12 Feb 2016

The Artists 'Lindsey Stirling'

I've seen this lovely young woman ply her trade on the youtubes for quite some time now and I figured I'd send out word for those of you who've never heard of her.

Lindsey Stirling and William Joseph will start our introduction of the lady with their rendition of one of my favorite pieces of video game music. The Halo Theme from the Halo Franchise.

Next up her collaboration with Pentatonix

I've been out of the music scene for a while but went I met Lady Bear, she introduced me to a bunch of new music. AWOLNATION, Alt-J, Gotye, Macklmore & Ryan Lewis, and Imagine Dragons. Radioactive was a favorite song on my list of music in this recent age of Lady Bear. Seriously I listen to stuff I never did before.

Well Lindsey Stirling and Pentatonix did the song and they did a great job.

Now lets get to some humor. John Legend is famous for his song All of Me. Of course my first exposure to the song is thanks to Kevin Heart and Will Ferrell. Funny shit hit the link, trust me ... if you seen that Disney movie Frozen (I still haven't sorry) then you'll really like it.

I digress John Legend got Lindsey Stirling and they did a duet of his song. She does a great job and it comes off perfectly.

Speaking of Macklmore she does a cover of one of Lady Bear's favorites. Thrift Shop.

Yet even with all her other collaborations and orgional work my favorite piece is O Come, Emmanuel with Kuha'o Case who will get his own post showing off his work.

Let me end it with Kuha'o Case take on the Sounds of Silence originally by Simon and Garfunkel, one of my favorite songs of all time.

So there you go folks another posts on artist that get my fancy. I've been sitting on a bunch of these for quite some time and I'm glad they are finally getting launched.

- Cheers