4 Feb 2016

The Artists ‘Concepts’

This post has been a long time coming since I decided to write a series to showcase some artists and their works in this post on professional miniature painters.

Artists come and go leaving only a mark of their imagination.

I want to take this post and show off some of the major works of art that have brought me joy and inspiration in the past years.

The following artists are concept artists. Their works inspire our imaginations and set the framework on the visual style of a particular setting or character.


Jakub Rozalsick (Scyth)

I know Jakub from his concept artwork on the Kickstarter Scythe. This will not be the first concept artist whose work will be featured in a Kickstarter project that I’ve funded.  The signature aspect of his style is the use of position; foreground, middle ground, and background. Each piece that I’ve seen has his signature ominous silhouette or looming thing in the background. There is always a sense of the monster just out of sight while also giving a sense of wonder that humanity has yet to venture towards.

1920 - lost in the fog
by Jakub Rozalsick for Scyth

Justin Currie (Chasing Artwork, Cassie and Tonk)

Known for his site Chasing Artwork where Justin takes popular characters and changes them in a mechanical or splintered effect. His use of colour and contras is brilliant adding strength to his changed character concepts. He’s able to keep the iconic visual ques and make sure they have a presence in his works.

The Auto Avengers
by Justin Currie

Darius Kalinauskas (HINT)

Another artist I found on Kickstarter when I pledged to Human Interface: Nakamura Tower, or HINT. His has a level of unfinished edges even though he puts in plenty of details on in his work. That unpolished look is very 1980s/90’s cyberpunk, allowing for the contrast with the clean polished style that’s found on art that has a corporate presence or state of the art equipment.

Concept art for H.I.N.T.
by Darius Kalinauskas
Brian Coughlan (Endure the Stars)

The last artist on this list who’s working a Kickstarter. Brian does some great mecha. He use of blacks, negative space, and greyscale is awesome. It seems like the colours are as much a direction for the eye then simply just being present in completing and supporting the piece. Each bit of colour pops and clashes under control making each piece unique and solidifying Brian’s style as his own.

Female Engineer Concept art for Endure the Stars
by Brain Coughlan
Michael Komarck (Magic the Gathering and Legend of the Five Rings)

One of my favorite fantasy pieces is Michael Komarck’s Sorin Markov (2009) and as you can see below it's a sexy piece of art.

Sorin Markov
by Michael Komarck
I have to follow that up with his Kazandu Blademaster (2009) and Rafiq of the Many (2008).Mr.
I hope you all enjoyed the taste of artists that have touched me recently.

Well those are the artists I'm looking at this time.

- Cheers