29 Feb 2016

The Artists 'The Angelarium'

If you have not been to the Angelarium stop reading this post and take a look.

Angel of Deception
by Angelarium
This could be the simplest post I've written but that would be lazy. 

Angelarium is a project of Peter Mohrbacher. Who started the project to work on creating paintings and owning his own work. He works with a slew of other artists to support the project.

Eli Minaya - Who's done most of the Tree of Life work.
James Pianka - A contributing writer who has written the alternate pieces of poetry for all twelve of the original angels.
Julie Wilmore - The manager of Mohrbacher Art Ltd., the project and the storefront
Noah Bradley - Painted the original painting of Ein Sof and has helped with making Angelarium as an ongoing series.
Matt Mrowka - A contributing artist to the Watchers.

Some of the neat astpects of the Angels you'll see on his site include pansexual styled creatures. Those of a mixed or neutral gender. You'll also find that each of the Angels has a unique halo of sort. There is always a circular aspect to each head. The circle is in the head or a circle of energy or mist is seen. It's a nice non-traditional take on the idea of Angels and I'm a fan. 

One of my favorite pieces is the Angel of Song. 

Angel of Song
by Angelarium

Each angel has an aspect or role in the mythos presented by Peter Mohrbacher. Israfel is the herald of dawn and announcer of dusk. It's a creature that calls both the light and the darkness. This juxtaposition is seen clearly with the contrasting use of bright and dark colour. Sun on the horizon emphasizes the liminal state that Israfel is responsible for. I love the mix of soft straight lines and subtle but hard curves. The creature has so much detail when you look hard but at first glance this piece is very minimalist compared to the other creatures in the project. 

Next up is the Angel of Stars

Angel of Stars
by Angelarium
The bridge between the two seas, one of the stars and its reflection the sea of water that wraps around our world. Kokabeil looks up at it's responsibility in the same way we as humans look at the mysteries of the heavens. There is a feeling it looks up out of duty and role, while also gazing upward in the manner of a mortal as if it was wishing and the stars just as awe inspiring to it a creature of heaven as it is to us a being so small and locked to the earth. 

My last angel to look at is Binah the Divine Emanation of the infinite and understanding. 

Divine Emanation
by Angelarium
The creature is unreal in pose and form. It's both physical, locked into place matching the foreground. While also ethereal coming apart, dissolving into the sky. It folds into itself a mark of the infinite but in doing so it offers a point of light. This act of offering gives the creature a sense of a divine benefactor. The sphere is providing a place, a single point of context - a thread to start on when exploring and unraveling the infinite. Binah is on it's knees while looking up as if paying homage to something greater than it while it is to be a higher being. This dual sense shows that understanding is even greater than a god.

So that's a taste of the work Angelarium is doing. They also have plenty of material to buy form their store. A book showcasing the writing and visual pieces. Collector cards, postcards, prints - some of which are a series of rotating limited edits. They even make a deck of tokens for Magic the Gathering. Lady Bear and I each have a playmat from the Angelarium, she has Suphlatus Angel of Dust and I have Sethariel the Angel at the top of this post. 

Take a look and explore this unique and well crafted world.

- Cheers