8 Feb 2016


Once more my weekend is changed and I have little to say about it.

This Saturday, I was to gather with Secondus Sergeant and Laughing Yasha to eat spicy Indian food, drink alcohol (probably get drunk), and play XCOM 2 into the week hours of the morning.

We were to eat, adjust the various XCOM agents to be named and looking like us and our friends., and play the game on Ironman - no take backs, live with every choice you make. This style of couch co-op is awesome and sharing the ups and downs of XCOM with someone just as invested as you are is a great time.

Instead, on Friday I started feeling a bit under the weather. By 10 pm I had broken out in a fever and we had to leave Big Red, and his wife so I could knock myself out to heal. It's Monday 0327 and I'm tired - but finally starting to feel better. Hell I didn't even get the game running beyond the first mission until Sunday.

This game is huge. I've never felt so lost in a game of XCOM before. I love the covert action, the mobile base, the named support staff. It's a great game from what I can tell and it's been loads of fun.

As I start to doze off take a look at this - the new trailer for Mirror's Edge Catalyst. It's looking good.

- Cheers