25 Feb 2016

Exploring the Formats - Star

Before I start on the last Magic the Gathering format I want to explore here is an update on my decks.

Dream Eater -
This is my mill deck and I've talked about it more than once. Seriously hit the magic tag and there are a few posts simply on this deck and the idea behind milling. This is my premier deck. It's designed for competitive play and is my most expensive deck in terms of card value around $100-$200 CND which I did not spend on this deck... I don't even think I broke $80 CND on this deck. If not for a slew of deals and bargain prices I'd never have built this deck the way it is. My last couple of Modern events have put me in the top half and I've prized 50% of the time. When compared to other decks that I've played that value from $300-$1000 CND, I'm happy with my placement and the way the deck is working. I'm still sorting out my side bar of 15 cards and it's a mix of anti-drudge, anti-delve, and counter spells.

Sorin -
As a fan of Sorin Markov, I've been working over the years on a Commander deck loaded to the brim with Sorin in style, theme, and his various planeswalker cards. I've finally found my stride and it's designed to be a multiplayer Black/White control with removal and direct damage. The concept is work from a place of superiority - much like Sorin would do. So far it's got lots of silly Black and some odd White spells that should juice things up. Plenty of curses and some great White controls styles spells are the majority of the mix. I'm just adjusting the mix, trimming the fat, and sorting out balance issues.

Partner -
I have an idea to build a deck specifically to support another player. A deck designed for Two-Headed giant as well as Emperor and Horde. I'm thinking Red/Blue or Red/White since I don't have a good Red/Blue deck and no Red/White deck at all.

The Cube -
Still under construction, still not yet tested, still picking the multi-coloured cards.

The other Blues -
I decided a while back to build a U/X Colour deck (That's Blue and Colourless) with Battle for Zendikar and Oath of the Gatewatch there are plenty of Eldrazi to work with. I built a Blue/Green sea-monster deck and it's being awesome. A fun kitchen table deck with plenty of Ramp, and Sea creature shenanigans.

Update is done, let's look at Star.

Star is a format I've played before.

The idea is each person sits at the point of a five point star. The players to their side are allies, while the player opposite are enemies. If you're two enemies die, you win - even if you were already removed.
Start format
by Wizards of the Coast
Now there are two ways of playing this format.

1. Play with casual (or other) decks
2. Play with five Mono coloured decks, each player picking one of the five colours

One top of that there are two other ways to continue.

a. switch to free for all once the first player is gone
b. continue with the ally/enemy condition

It's a very easy format. I've played Star 1A but I want to really play the 2B format as well.

It forces me to work on more Mono-Coloured decks outside of my Blue and Lady Bear's mono White solider deck. I won't build a Green or a Red deck but I do see a Black mono deck in my future. I could also see it as good format for allied coloured combo decks as well.

So that's it. Three new formats to try out and play.

- Cheers