15 Feb 2016

Batman. The end

When I started this blog one of the first comic reviews I did was on Batman. I'm reader of Batman simply because the creative teams are very good and some of the stories can be pretty good.

It was Scott Snyder who made me a fan of Batman, but only his Batman. When Snyder was the go to guy for the character other series like Detective Comics, Nightwing, and Batman and Robin all had something connecting them.

This has been my favorite run of Batman since... ever. I've preferred the characters around Batman. Nighwing, the Robins, Bat Girl aka Cassandra Cain, or I guess she goes by Black Bat now... I dunno.

Well Comic Vine reported some news a while back. Greg Capullo the artist paired with Snyder on this whirlwind of creative force is leaving the comic team and Snyder said he'd stay behind.

I guess something changed.

Now Snyder is saying he is done come issue 51.

I feel this will change the direction and flavor of the comic. Snyder brought a level of mature complexity wrapped in the common comic tropes. He worked stories of mystery, depth of thought, balancing the light and dark moments. He brought forward my favorite gang of Batman villains, the Court of Owls. He brought back Owlman, aka Thomas Wayne Jr. He made Dick Grayson and Hallie's circus more than just that place where Dick came from. He made Batman vulnerable and at the same time interesting. He made interesting characters, changed old faithful aspects of the Batman's mythos.

I wish the new team luck, because they will need it. Batman was 'the' flagship title of the 'new 52'. It has been the monthly series to beat for years. They do not have any easy task.

- Cheers