11 Jan 2016

The Projects - Writing

Last year Dozer stopped.

Outside of my Hobbies and the Blog, I stopped all of my projects. 2015 was a year of rest.
2013 and 2014 were years of crap. Crap pay, crap job, crap feeling. It was the hardest years of my marriage. 2015 Lady Bear and I needed a break from two solid years of pure bullshit.

So last year we rested…

Well nap time is over.

With two demanding jobs, a time consuming hobby and some great video games, comic books, magic sets, and movies coming out my time is limited. So I have to be honest with what I can expect to do with what I have. Establish the conditions for success or as Ron Swanson says “Don’t do two things half-assed, whole-ass one thing.”

It's said he is a wise man


Working with my cousin aka Charging Pun, we will be working on project MILLSTONE. On 31 Dec 2016 we will re-evaluate to continue, or stop our project. If we stop our project, we may take the lessons learned and start another or take a break for our own projects. Once we have a better handle on direction and pace of the project, we will start putting down progression objectives. So far we’ve committed to meeting via phone or skype every 10-14 days, leaving each of us with enough time to get something done and not being too demanding with our free time. Each meeting we set for each other a set of tasks that must be addressed by the next meeting.

Keep looking at our two blog sites, as things develop we will probably be posting about the journey… not so much the content. Until we both agree to show off something from this project its contents will be under wraps. This will be a slow progress project but each step forward will be a fount of learning for both of us.


For ten years not including 2013-2015 I have worked pretty hard on my own pen and paper RPG. With plenty or play testing and plenty of feedback I got to a plateau that demands content; full list of equipment, skills, traits, and all those extra things that flesh out the mechanics of an RPG. Each month, I’ve set a goal to complete one set of content starting with the end of February. By breaking down the work into more manageable sections the work looks less daunting, which sadly has been one of my primary hurdles.

GREY MATTER is both a joy and a curse. I really think it can be a great game that I can build myself. I do get feedback from folks but I’m doing all the labour intensive work and all of the brain storming solo. I come at people with what I’ve done, they break it down and through the back and forth, I come up with the next step. I’m happy to be working on it again.


I’ve decided to write a short story submission to one of the writing magazines, sci-fi and non-sci-fi. This has been a long time coming. I’ve avoided pure fiction writing for years since I wasn’t good enough but I got close a few times. Now I’m going to be putting forward some serious effort towards trying again. I think I have a really good story idea and all I need to do is write it.

Deciding to go back to short stories instead of full blown work ups for a novel is far more realistic. I’m doing this part time and I have plenty of other stuff on my plate. Add in two jobs and I’ll need something to be fluid in time. So my birthday present to myself is to have the first draft done. Until then I’ll still be up keeping this blog to keep the itch healthy and the skills somewhat polished.

- Cheers