20 Jan 2016

The Iron Kingdoms in 2016 – Table Top

Iron Kingdoms is one of my larger projects these days. I have a need to run a regular adventure and Iron Kingdoms is going to be my system for the next little while. I think the upcoming Infinity RPG will usurp it once I get my backer rewards from the Kickstarter.

I’m also doing this for a few reasons, the primary of which is the Iron Kingdoms Role-playing Game. It (IKRPG) is a great game and tons of fun if you got a crew that’s willing to play on the table with some minis. The other primary reason I’m playing IKRPG is the support to Warmachine and Hordes. The two table top miniature games in the same setting that share about 90% of the rules and all of their miniatures with the RPG.
IKRPG - It's aweomse
by Privateer Press

Painting for me is a chore most of the time. I work at it hoping to get some nice results but it is work when I could be playing. Having armies uniformed in colour and themes is awesome. I love coming up with that… doing that is much harder to get done. So by using my minis it will keep the tanks full of fuel and I’ll be brushing my wee metal and plastic minis. With regular play of IKRPG and Warmachine/Hordes I think I’ll have that motivation to keep up the painting.

This is important to me because I have two miniature games that I play with, Infinity and Warmachine/Hordes, and two smaller games on the side, Mercs and Batman. Last year I was playing plenty of Infinity and not so much of the other games. This year I’m committing to playing Infinity and Warmachine/Hordes swapping games every month; JAN, MAR, MAY, JUL, SEP, NOV is Infinity, while FEB, APR, JUN, AUG, OCT, and DEC is Warmachine/Hordes.

So what’s the plan with IKRPG this year?

On the first day of the year I ran the Unleashed Box Set with a few twists.

The first is I allowed each of the players to build their own PC (player character) instead of the four pre-generated PCs that came with the boxset. I also allowed for five player to play in the game. My last twist was the integration of the players into the game while still keeping the adventures plot intact. As they were a Circle of Orboros adventuring group I had the Circle dispatch the players to solve the unrest of the area instead of four heroes banding together against a common enemy. Having the Tharn tribe, the White Maw, made it easy for me inject a stronger Circle of Orboros presence and allowed for the players to injected with little fuss into the adventure.

The game went off without a hitch – unless it being way to easy and I had to up the ant on the fly. It also inspired a few more projects. Brother Tzar finished a gaming table/area similar to mine and I may have fanned a spark for him to play Warmachine/Hordes and IKRPG instead of spending money and time on Warhammer 40k. It also put a spark in my own little brother, Brother Bear, who asked me to run a monthly game that he could play in.

That’s IKRPG Project number 1: The Tribunal.

Ontos Prime, Brother Bear, and Big Red (this being his second game and third time at the table) will be playing as members of a mercenary charter. Each player is a member of a small military team who since joining the charter is now that teams leader. This will immediately generate the seeds for critical NPCs and backstory for each player. It will also allow me to have full on battles instead of always having small fights. Being part of a larger engagement is an experience that only Legend of the Five Rings was able to pull off.

My idea for the sessions is simple. We have Six hours of game time every 4-5 weeks. The players show up and before we get into the game they are handed their contract for the session. Each contract should take 3-4 hours and will be the driving force for each session. The episodic feel is done on purpose being the meat while the secondary story arcs are able to naturally play out in the remaining time. As semi-independent members of the mercenary charter each player will be able to make much larger choices in the direction of the assigned mission. I’ll also be able to add in secondary mission objectives, personal objectives, and maybe the odd covert objective.

This will also give me plenty of time to generate the material for each session. Terrain, maps, mission documents, etc… player aids will be the big support to this game and be a cornerstone to its success.

So this is looking good, but I already have a IKRPG campaign that’s so close to the end, IKRPG project number 2: Immortality.

The Immortality campaign in the No Quarter magazines is something I was running until last November. Work (both jobs) and life (being seasonal holiday fueled), were both running hot and the game shut down because I was not very available. So after talking with Mr. Wolf on that game I ran on 1 Jan 2016, I decided two things. Start project 1 and finish project 2. After more talks with Mr. Wolf we decided to make a whole day event as we complete the final section of the adventure. January is almost done, and February is my most busy month (I work 3 weekends in a row!) so March is the month for this event.

Have folks over for breakfast/brunch, cooked by Mr Wolf. We easy in and get some game on. We take regular breaks to shake out the stiff limbs between the drawn out battles, cook food for our next meal – keeping us out of the junk food, and simply hanging out. Folks will leave when they are good and done and the campaign has come to an end.

So that’s the idea, Warmachine/Hordes and getting two games on. Come April, I should be into my third session of the Tribunal and I may restart the Immortality team for season 2.

- Cheers