8 Jan 2016

The docket - Books

This year I’m looking to read the following books.

The Mirrored Heavens

Written by David J. Williams, The Mirrored Heavens is the first of his Autumn Rain trilogy that continues with The Burning Skies and ends with The Machinery of Light. There are a few things that have attracted me to the series. The series is completed. It’s done. No waiting for the Rothfuss to finish the third book or for the Martins to the finish the sixth, let alone seventh book. Reviews have also been staggeringly in the positive


From the mind of Charles Stross and originally written as a slew of short stories, Accelerando is a series of nine stories of relatives as they witness the before, during, and aftermath of the singularity. I also read that the author uses a Matrioshka brain, similar to a Dyson sphere but for communication and computational purposes. These are not common concepts and hearing that they are used in a successful way makes me interested in reading this book on that fact alone.

River of Gods

Ian McDonald wrote a novel about AIs set in India. I like the idea of the different grade of AIs as a realistic control mechanism to prevent many of the dystopian showings of AIs. Using the Turing test is a concept I’ve only read about and have yet to see it applied in a fictional writing. I heard about Ian McDonald because of his novel Luna: New Moon which is also on my short list of books to read.

The Cuckoo’s Calling

By J.K. Rowling, this is a trilogy of hard boiled crime novels. Originaly written under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith, it was shortly proven to be work by J.K. Rowling. It’s gotten some good reviews and I have a crime novel itch that needs some serious scratching. It it works out I see myself pouring into the following books; The Slikworm and Career of Evil

So that's me for the next wee while. What are you looking at reading this year?

- Cheers