6 Jan 2016

Space… once more - Media

The year is 2016 and I’m going to start with Space. That final frontier that used to be dream realised only in TV, Movies, Books, and games. In the last couple of years Space as a setting has become more popular – again. The resurgence has been slow to build and I’ve be watching it slowly creep back into the zeitgeist.

I look back at some of my favorite games of the last couple of years and think we have some pretty good stuff that has to do with space. Mass Effect (all three core games), Dead Space (only the first game), and FTL: Faster Than Light.

On the table I play Infinity with the Nomads as my primary faction – once more into space. I’ve also been able to try out Emergence Event that has more of an exploration feel. I feel the need to play Twilight Imperium on a regular basis. I’m waiting for my backer reward from the Endure the Stars  kickstarter.

I just got back my copies of The Risen Empire and The Killing of Worlds, the two books of Scott Westerfeld’s Succession series, from Yasha a fellow Nomad player. We are talking some heavy hard sci-fi told at a great pace without drowning the reader in science. I’m also re-reading the first Takeshi Kovaks novel Altered Carbon which leaves Earth and the following two books are very hard sci-fi.

Now these reflections are not borne of a vacuum.

Charles Krauthammer wrote a piece on the visionaries moving to space. Matt Damon stars in a well-received space film the Martian. This comes shortly after we explored a dystopian need with last year’s Interstellar helmed by Matthew McConaughey, becoming my favorite film of 2014. Adding in that we have George RR Martin advocating for The Expanse, based on Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck work under their collaborative pen name of James S.A. Corey.

Space is becoming once more the target of our attention.

It’s not a bad thing.

I for one welcome 2016 as a year in space.
- Cheers