22 Jan 2016

New Layout and Updates - 2016

So with the new year and the work on the projects I decided that I'd put down a new layout for the site. It's not much of a change but I think it's a bit more dynamic and allows me to put information in better places.

Also here is an update on the current set of projects:

Going well, trucking along with the meeting 000, 001 done and 002 booked. We have a good idea and direction to move towards.

Just sent Lady Bear my draft in the hopes she's able to sort out my language. After a few more drafts I'll be sending it in the mail.

PROJECT: Impudent Mortal 28 mm entry level terrain.
Coming along, most of the buildings are built and based. I need to finish fixing the rooftops and basing the ladders and baracades. The rooftops were too tight and I've had to put them together with spacers and fill the gaps with wood blue. Outside of these issues, these buildings are screeming to get on my table.

It's a work in progress
PROJECT: Get Away Campaign (aka The Tribunal)
Big Red has his PC done, Ontos Prime and Brother Bear have some good ideas that need to get finalised. The rest of the work is on me and next week, I'll have plenty of time to finish off the project for this session.

PROJECT: Couples Draft
I have two Fatpacks (9 packs each, 18 total) of Oath of the Gatewatch waiting for me at Wizard's Tower as of today. I'm hoping to get the couples that make up the Bears, Wolves, and Reds to draft some Magic one lazy night in the near future. That and snag some awesome cards...

Otherwise I play FTL, Fallout 4 all while waiting for X-COM2.