29 Jan 2016

It's cold - UPDATE

Sorry folks this week has been busy.
Lonely and cold - It's a Bear's life.

Lady Bear has been gone all week and yesterday my house had the furnace turned off because of a major gas leak.

Before she left I watched the Clive Owen film, Last Knights, which was a great "avenge dead master" film I've seen for a while.

Once Lady Bear left I've been working like mad.

Wed evening was suposed to be a quick build of Brother Bear's PC (player character) and get my new Laptop ready for XCOM2. We got one thing done.

When I worked on the new laptop and discovered that my SSD slots are M.2 sized PCIe slots not SATA slots. The difference is where the information flows through on the motherboard of the computer. In this case PCIe is faster controller but not the popular one.

Thursday was supposed to be some relax time and working on terrain. Well that got canned when I got home to the smell of gas. I kicked Moby out, called the emergency line and they shut the furnace down. I pulled out the go bag, grabbed dog food and fled for friends before staying at my parent place.
Moby keeping warm

So my house is right now 10 degrees Celsius.

I'm wrapped in a blanket and I'm waiting for the furnace people.

What a day. So me and the TV are waiting around.

The Occupied is a neat TV show, as I write this I've got the first episode running. Go check it out.

Seems that I won't get a new furnace until tomorrow morning. Lame...

Awe well.

- Brrr