31 Dec 2015

The musings of a dreamer

This year a lot has changed.

My current day job has expanded and evolved and I finally fell comfortable in the position. My other job – the army one, has grown in both responsibility and status. Lady Bear and I spent time killing our debts and not saving money. We stayed in budget for the most part but we did not save a penny for the cottage, our dream. After the last three years with all the ups and downs, we decided to put ourselves in a good place, enjoy life, and be ready for the coming months.

Next year we will save and scrimp to build up that down payment, to make our mortgage more manageable. Next year we will buy the land on which a dream will be built on, but that is next year…

This year we are builders of tables, bookshelves, and smoker shelters. We are collectors of nerd stuff, readers of new comic books, and finders of old music that feels new. We’ve gamed online with friends and many more enemies. We’ve build libraries of spells and Magic to face off against other planeswalkers; to rise by eating dreams, and fall to greater plays. We’ve tested the near future in Infinity and searched to Unleash the beast within us. We’ve backed and pledged projects from Leafs, TOWELS, Scyth to things like Boss Monsters, and elastic laces.

Wee baby bears are no longer so wee, still babies but they are growing. We’ve lost family as well as is life. We’ve tried to be better friends and yet we find ourselves pushing bad friends away. We’ve reached out to old friends and met new friends along the way. We’ve found angels, left Facebook, and tried to keep up the writing.

It’s been a hell of a year. Next year will be filled with just as many ups and downs.

Tomorrow is a new day.

- Cheers