3 Dec 2015


OK this is not good.

I was trying to finish my blog post on art. It’s been almost ready to go for a while but then over lunch I read this.

I’ve already posted twice about police and escalation of force. I’m not doing that here, I’m just reacting.

I don’t know what happened that led up to the start of the video. I expect that the LCBO surveillance and other systems close by will be tapped as evidence and the public will be shown one of two things:

1. The officer caused the incident and was in the wrong
2. The officer acted as per the law and the suspect started the incident and is wrong

I don’t see this going any other way because we the public who is drowning in bad cop cellphone videos will want to lay the public opinion on someone.

So what went wrong and what went right… well the cop didn’t draw his weapon and start killing folks. He kept his calm while being harassed and in same cases in the video, assaulted. He called for backup and did his job. He didn’t fight his way out, he was a rock.

The crowed on the other hand was less than helpful and some folks acted in a manner that could still get them arrested.

Don’t get in a police officer’s way, do not obstruct his duty, it’s a crime. If the cop was in the wrong I have to believe that it would be sorted out later. I have to trust the system because the current alternative which is currently sweeping cities across my southern neighbour is not better for anyone. Being angry does not allow you; give you any right, to do wrong.

It’s sad that this is happening. The world is already shitty in too many places and yet where we have so much, folks are breaking down and turning on each other. It's true this morning (since I wrote this post yesterday) we had a mass shooting down south. Plenty of people are being shitty human beings, why add to the problem.

I’m upset that this has to happen and it will only continue to happen until a solution occurs.

Adding an opinion injection, I think issued bodycams would be a great solution. Keep everyone honest. Make sure the cops are following their training in enforcing the law within the bounds of the law. Keep the public informed and while placing them (or allow them to suffer) under the same level of scrutiny the police are currently weighed down with.

All in all I wish folks were a bit nicer to each other. The next post will be about art, something more pleasent and creative.

- Please get along