15 Dec 2015

Holiday Hobby Plans - BREAK

Seems I did this last year

I’ve been a busy these past days. Both my jobs running at full speed and only getting faster before puttering out in the new year. 23 November I started working the crazy hours and that’s finally coming to an end this Friday 18 December. With only last Sunday and 30 November off the long hours and the lack of days off have started to take their toll – I’m slowing down.

I’ve done this before and I can keep going I just need to reach out and work through the madness. I’m forcing myself to take the downtime I need in order to keep going. Hence posts have started to come out again.

This Friday I’ve got my last work holiday dinner – it’s for the day job. Once that’s done the slower pace starts on Saturday, 19 December, when Ontos, Longsword, and maybe Pale Rider (he might have to host a mate who’s been away for over ten years) join me in playing a boardgame for a few hours.

I’m really looking forward to this weekend and a lot more…

I’m really looking forward to completing two projects now that the BETA table is done.

1. Build my CUBE for Magic the Gathering.

A Cube is when you take your collection and generate a pool of cards to build a boosters in order to draft. I’ve got the box and sleeves from Wizard’s Tower during their Black Friday sales. I’ve listed the breakdown. Today and tomorrow I will be picking the cards and sleeving them for a draft come the new year.

2. Finish my Infinity Terrain

I’ve got a some terrain that is almost done. I’ve got some terrain that is done. I’ve got some terrain untouched and ready to be worked on… and I’ve got more on the way thanks to Impudent Mortal’s most recent kickstarter.

So I’d like to get it all sorted for the new year.

Come the new year I’ll be working at a good pace on my miniatures. I’ve got a good start and its time to get them done. I’ve got bases painted, some got minis based, paint schemes sorted, and some minis even done proving that I’m on the right track.

I’ve been talking about putting more time into my Warmachine/Hordes and once I’ve sorted my two ‘holiday’ projects – I think I can manage that. Swapping between Infinity, Warmachine/Hordes, and Dreadball for each painting project I should be ok getting things done and not get bored with all the painting.

I’ve also got my Spring 2016 schedule up and I’m going to have to plan out my weekends with folks in order to finish my IKRPG campaign. It’s been a long time and I need to get it finished. Speaking of IKRPG, I’ll be running a game on 2 January with Brother Bear, Brother Tzar, and Mister Wolf – probably looking for a fourth player and I’m sorting that out now. I’ll be adjusting the pre-made adventure Bad Medicine for Unleashed.

The idea is that the adventure that I’ll be running is parallel to the adventure in Bad Medicine but players can see how the whole activities of the raiders have affected the local fauna and the monsters that roam within – those monsters being the PC’s of course because its Unleashed…

Anyways that’s the plan and the sound is the fates laughing at them.

- Cheers