26 Dec 2015

Enjoy - BREAK

I'm taking three days off from the world.

I'm going to enjoy them.

So far I've enjoyed Game of Thrones a Telltale Game... it was so fucking dark but so fucking good. My score was proudly fierce. I hear they are making a season 2. The amount of alternate endings will make the next game interesting and I'm looking forward to playing it even if it feels like it could very well falter under it's own weight.

I'm finishing up my Terrain from Impudent Mortal, I'll be putting some heavy work on them tomorrow and I'm going to be happy it's all done. Otherwise I'll be playing some Just Cause 3, spending time with Lady Bear and Moby Bear, jabbering about Episode 7 (which is good by the way), reading, writing, and doing what I want for the next three days.