29 Dec 2015

Ace of Spades

So I'm behind with my scenery painting. Lady Bear got sick but I did comeplete a slew of other projects around the house. Still getting ready for my last day of the year open house... pulled pork (smoked), two home made BBQ sauces (from the Den Mother and Mama Red), and baked to order prtzle buns.

Today was suposed to be a supply run for all of the stuff I need to cook up this Thursday storm. Instead Ottawa was hit by a litteral storm. So I plugged into work - did a quick update to my blog post... and re wrote the whole thing.

You see Lemmy died. I saw this on my news feed and my whole post went bye bye.

The voice and base behind Motorhead is dead. He was once a former roadie for Jimi Hendrix and known for jacking his mic high so he sings looking up instead of down at the crowds. He was awesome.

Recently I'll know him as my most loved character from Brutal Ledgend - "The Kill Master". The base playing healer who says "Thick as a baby's arm". It's also an achievement that worth 15 points.