5 Nov 2015

The slumps

I’m in one of those slumps.

Plenty of drafted posts on the burner but none are reaching the light of day.

A few reasons for the lack of updates from the top of the head-

Last week was a burnt out Dozer sitting on the couch watching Persons of Interest instead of playing through the back half of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pains. I’ve taken a break because the reward of the play was lost to having to go back and redo missions with limitations – a pet peeve of mine because it feels like half-assed game design. I’m already going back to redo the missions in order to complete the side objectives and get the S rank for each mission. Having to do again is simply fucking lazy. The time delay for R&D is getting ridiculous. I have to play for hours in real time to have some things unlocked after paying a cost of various collected resources that already took time to gather. I’m feeling like I just want to get it over and come back to the game when I have time to spare. I’ve never been so shocked half way through a game (which took hours of play) regarding its quality. Don’t get me wrong the game is brilliant but now to move along in my style of play I need to invest even more hours into a game and it’s started to feel more like work and less like play.

Both jobs are ramping up work wise. There is always a push in November to put out a huge effort before things slow down to a crawl in December due to holiday leave and winter season work gatherings. Also with my primary job, I’ve taken on much more responsibility and it’s a great chance to prove I can work at a higher level. I’ve got the CV, the education, and plenty of experience now I’m making that experience more solid and stepping up to greater challenges.

I’ve tried to start actively reading again. After 14 months of solid reading at my old job the new job has allowed me to get away with less reading. I want to change that so I’m starting with comics and moving back into full blown pieces of fiction and non-fiction. Right now I’m reading (or reading again) The Activity by Nathan Edmondson, Lazarus by Greg Rucka, and Kurtis J. Weibe’s Rat Queens. I’ve got a few more on the block to read and now I’m looking at some classic sci-fi to start reading. Hopefully the ready will get the writing juices flowing.

I’ve not run the smoker since Thanksgiving and I’m disappointed that I’ve not put aside time to keep smoking foods. Sergeant gave me a book last night at WIN on smoking recipes and I’m thankful for the generous kick in the ass to get cooking. I’m looking at picking up a small brisket this Friday and cook something after work on Sunday or Saturday.

I’ve been reading lots of articles in the news these days. Sheroes Hangout – a café run in India staffed by victims of acid throwing. I’ve been reading articles on the new prime minister and his cabinet – Canada had a general election a while back and we have a new head of state. The news has been rife with interesting tidbits and I’ve been reading it which is not the norm.

Lastly it’s November and in the Bear house you do not mess about in November. The eleventh of the month is Remembrance Day in Canada, and that’s a big deal.

So excuse me please as I pull my head out of the slumps.

- Cheers