16 Nov 2015

Paris 2015 - Conflict

These posts are the hard ones. Il est extrêmement difficile de trouver les mots et d’écrire. It's hard to find the words, to write down what I'm thinking.

Paris 2015.

Two days after Canada paid homage to soliders and the costs of war. I feel like I need to acknowledge the attack...

I feel that it is a failure of humans, thinking that doing this (the attacks on Paris) is ok. That it is justififed in some minds.

It is NOT ok.

These are the nightmares and I feel we will continue to see attacks like this as long as people feel that hurting someone else is the right thing to do.

Yet, I will not allow fear to rule my day to day. I grin when I see the fottage of the football fans leaving the Stade de France singing "La Marseillaise" after being released from the pitch. Spirits wounded and filled with fear yet surounded by a resolve to move forward as one nation, one people...

Je me suis retrouvée confrontée à ces actes immoraux. I am reminded of last year when a single man did evil and afterwards sitting with members of the Cermonial Guard."Fuck'em, put us back on post" was the common statement of many a member who was not standing on guard after Cpl Cirillo died the day before.

The troops were eager to get back to work, to conitue to do their assigned duty. To work in the face of an attack. To go on and meet the task in the face of an attack.

Show them you can bleed, show them you feel pain, show them you are wary... even show them your fear as you move forward.

Do not let fear rule you.

French speaking children all know this retort même pas peur - Not even afraid.

It's bombastic, it's bravado. It's a lie that acknoledges the fear but the defiant fib grants the speaker that courage to move forward. It's a battle cry, a call to arms, a rallying sound that moves the young forward. France is not stopping, or slowing down. It's hurt, angry, but like the folks leaving the Stade de France singing "La Marseillaise", the French have a resolve.

"Même pas peur" is floating around the internets these days and I like this response.

Je suis Dozer, et j'ai même pas peur.

- Salute