19 Nov 2015

dozer:~$ ifdown eth0

ifdown eth0 is a Linux command to stop the network interface - I found it to be a great title for today's post.

This post has less to do with my recent issues of having a regular post and more with why I’m not on Facebook, GChat (Now called Hangout), and why you can’t text me during the day.

You see where I work I have limited outside access. My internets are limited. So no Facebook and no services outside of the basic Gmail – everything else does not work. When it loads up I have to click on 'load basic HTML' at the bottom right of my browser every morning when I bring it up.

My phone is locked away and it NEEDS to be turned off when I get to work, so no texts. If you need to get a hold of me during the day, gmail or phone my desk… even then that’s if I’m not somewhere else.

That’s the reality of my situation.

So why am I off Facebook?

The last major article posted on when Facebook users are the most active can be found here. Now the data is just over five years old as of this post, but I doubt the trends are far off. My experience also tells me the same thing. Most Facebook traffic that would pertain to me is done during the working day. It's an easy access dirstraction for most folks who sit and work at a desk.

“So who cares?”

Well I 'care' because if I’m not on Facebook within the working day then I have to check Facebook once I get home. So I leave work where I spend 90% of my day in front of a PC. Upon arriving home I am socially expected (sic obligated) to get back on and update myself on everything I missed?

Fuck that.

Seriously, not a social expectation I will be meeting anytime soon. I have a life. Plenty of minis to paint, things to smoke, and video games, RPGs, board/card games to play. Oh plus I’m married to a great woman who I spent time with and I like to go out and do things with mates who I can contact and not feel like I'm being a bother because I didn't see that profile update two hours ago. Why the fuck would I jump on to read a whole conversation that I missed out on when someone can just back brief me on the result.

“Get a smart phone – use that.”

Ok so buy a Phone that costs 600+ dollars that I turn off and lock away for over 8 hours (I do take lunches and those are unpaid) simply so I can access Facebook? I could take regular 'breaks' off work to I can, get my phone, turn it back on, boot up, access the services... I don't have a job that allows for unlimited away from desk breaks. I am paid and expected to do 'work'.

That sounds a wee bit silly… I do text folks when I get off work and see what’s on the up and up but that’s the best I can do. Also IF I did read Facebook, I’d probably have to text folks anyway because I’m coming in after the conversation.

Also with our Canadian weekends always feeling so short why would I login online to a social service when I could simply be social?

So I asked a more mobile and social network savy mate of mine what is the best way to keep in contact with them. I was told Facebook, GChat (again now called Hangout), text, or e-mail and they hate taking phone calls. They always try to have some sort of broken conversation via texts – why not simply call? When the texting is going back and forth for more than three times, I tell them to call me. Because I'm normally doing something else. My mates most times tell me that they can't call and talk because they are busy doing something else. Why try to have a conversation when you are busy doing something else?

This is coming from a guy with ADHD who has a hard time being able to focus.

Maybe the shitty conversation is easy and requires less effort and in most cases its being done while that person is doing something else? Last time me and Lady Bear sat down with a few mates we were out at dinner and everyone but us were face down in their phones, texting and chatting other folks and sometimes even each other. We left. When we paid our bill, no one noticed. We got up and put on our coats and no one noticed. When we said 'goodbye', they were all shocked...

Why would we stay when no one is hanging out with us? Us being the people right there at the table. Frankly it’s rude to have to demand someone’s attention when you are spending time with them. We could have stayed home, still not spoken with those folks, and saved the cost of a dinner bill.

I realise that my lack of regular social media is inconvenient. Planning an activity online, collaborating with a slew of folks at the same time is way better, but sadly I cannot.

Yet this situation, it feels like my first year of high school. It’s like never getting invited to the party. I feel like that sole person in the group who didn't play World of Warcraft and meets up for raids afterwork. I'd understand not being always in touch because of distance, living somewhere else or at the outskirts of the city. Or living on the otherside of the day (which I've done before), getting stuck doing overnights - those two reasons make sense. Alas I'm here and I work the same hours (albeit a bit early on the hour). It's sad that I'm also not the only one who deals with this...

Why fight with folks who are set in their ways? I could save myself the time and effort and get more done in Fallout 4. Finish painting all of those minis and pieces of terrain. I could wrap up that Tiny Leaders deck I’m building. I could read that book, listen to music, whip through a project at home.

I could be living life…

Instead I get flak for not being on Facebook, having regular unhindered internets, or having a fancy phone.

Sounds silly to me.

This whole argument is silly. The fact that I can go on about this topic for any length of time is just plain stupid.

- Cheers