6 Nov 2015

Because it’s 2015... - Media

Of course this happens the day I post about being in a slump.

Yesterday in my last post I wrote that I’ve been reading the news a lot more. You need to understand that I rarely read the news in the past. I was not hiding from the world or indifferent to the activities around the globe. I picked up my facts and stopped reading most times because I didn’t care for the bias or the sensationalism that most of the mainstream was pushing down to readers.

I always caught a whiff of something not right in most news posts, articles, and media segments. It bothered me most times. When I wasn’t feeling the bias I realized this was the exception in my own personal experience and not the rule. Add that to Lady Bear’s job which is media related and the house we live in is news free.

This year has been transformative in how I absorb my news. I listen to FOX news during the day while I type away on my PC. It keeps me from zoning out and it’s far too often entertaining. In a sad misguided way. I like reading Charles Krauthammer, he is smart and his writing is pragmatic and lacking the zeal found in many ‘conservative’ opinion writers. I like reading about my hobbies and the environment but in a way that present solutions or new ways to look at problems rather than scream only doom at the audience. Hence I voted Green – yep I knew my candidate didn’t win but nothing from other parties was interesting enough for me to vote in their favor, for their candidate.

Today after getting in this morning early to work I hear my line of the year.

“Because it’s 2015?”

Ok Prime Minister even I am looking at what your flavor of kool-aid is. I have always had a hard time with elections since it’s a lot of talk. A motto I try to adhere to is “Facta non verba” or deeds not words. Looks like the new boss in the Canadian Government is at least starting in that same manner.

His Cabinet choices were questioned and applauded at the same time. Folks were happy with the choices but some still didn’t understand if his gesture, his act, was an act or his first action. Asking why the Cabinet is 50:50 men and women is a dumb question. It’s silly that it is even a question and horrid that folks still ask it. The horror comes from the still prevalent bias and social norms that litter my country.

So someone asked and he replied in the response of a question. Sounding almost like he was one of three people in front of famous Canadian and fellow University of Ottawa Alum, Alex Trebek. Bordering on the sarcastic but never crossing the line in making an all-out joke. He was making a point with levity forcing the listener to come to terms with a simple fact.

“Because it’s 2015?”

The subtext is roaring. The underlying statement is personal for each person hearing his reply. Everyone had a different experience that led in many cases to the same outcome. We found the question to be simply silly and ignorant. The action was still needed but the question to the act was simple comedy.

I don't think he will be glib, he's learned too much over the years as a politician. I also doubt that he will make the same light of other serious situations. Instead I think, which is how I'm looking at the situation, the perceived humor is based on the idea that a Cabinet that is 50:50 men and women is a silly thing to remark. Equality regarding gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, is not funny but asking why the change is something ignorant and calling folks stupid is different than making folks feel/sound dumb.

“Because it’s 2015?” – Ok Prime Minister Trudeau, what else is next?

Wow world thanks for kicking my ass out of that slump.

- Cheers