5 Oct 2015

The Cinema ‘Wanas’ – Media

With the slew of flicks coming out this winter I’m eager to see the following flicks:

See you after the break.

Hyena Road – 9 Oct

I spent a lot of time in Shilo, MB working my other job at the Shilo Garrison (used to be called CFB Shilo). I got to hang out and spend time with the folks from 2 VP, or 2 PPCLI (Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry 2 Battalion). I worked and trained with them. I spent time in their lines learning and teaching – sometimes both at the same exact moment. 2004-2007 was an interested four years of my life split between Ottawa, ON and Brandon, MB (the city outside of Shilo).

Paul Gross was inspired by how little he knew of the Canadian Armed Forces mission in Afghanistan when he visited troops in 2010. So he came back, filmed and interviewed soldiers, and tied up those vignettes into a full blown narrative. I’m interested to see if I will enjoy this flick but I am interested to see it because it was made, and no one makes films about the Canadian Armed Forces.

Freeheld – 16 Oct

Ellen Page is a lovely actor. She’s a Canadian who started out in Trailer Park Boys’ second season as the daughter of the show’s chief antagonist. Her first large role on film was Hard Candy, I have not seen it (my to-watch list is getting pretty long), but I did see her some of her follow ups Juno, Inception, and Whip It. Since then I’ve never been more interested to see Ms Page’s work. Freeheld is next to her other recent Tallulah and Into the Forest as films I want to see.

Freeheld is based on the story of Laurel Hester, detective of Ocean County, New Jersey. After discovering she is dying of rapid lung cancer she tried to overturn the decision of country’s board of chosen freeholders that denied same-sex partners rights to pensions. She wanted to ensure that her partner, Stacie Andree would get her pension benefits. On 18 Jan 2006 she made a last ditch plea on videotape which changed the freeholders stance. One month later, 18 Feb 2006, Laurel Hester died. This is a movie I will watch because the story is worth retelling.

007: Spectre – 6 Nov

Last of the year of the Spy that started with Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, and continued with the Man from UNCLE, Spectre is the most recent of the Daniel Craig run with James Bond. It will also be introducing the traditional antagonistic force SPECTRE that has plagued Bond through the various films and novels into this new modern James Bond.

Once more we get to globe trot alongside Bond as he unwraps layers, upon layers of mystery and connections that tie into the previous films showing us more of the folks behind the curtain. In the first two films, which is more like a single long film in two parts, Bond discovers a apolitical criminal group called Quantum but crumbs are given that this group is backed by another – SPECTRE. It’s also believed by many that SPECTRE will be revealed to have backed Raoul Silva’s criminal efforts after his recovery and escape in Hong Kong. So SPECTRE is looking very interesting tie that binds it all together. Craig signed on for five films as James Bond and I feel this film will be pretty good and allow the lead up to the final film of the Craig ‘Bond’ series. 

The 33 - Nov 13

The 2010 Copiapó mining accident was pretty close to me. I was hired from Jan to Apr 2010 to work in the Government Operations Center. The Earthquake in Haiti, the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, the 2010 Chile Earthquake, and G8/G20… a lot went on. Some smart folks decided to be ready for 2010 and the GOC reached out to folks with experience and qualifications. I was snagged for four months with an extension that could have lasted longer. I was sitting with a former co-worker when the Chilean mining accident happened in August of 2010. Let’s say that after working four months with EMOs (Emergency Management Organizations) I knew that this was going to cause some work.

Antonio Banderas is a favorite actor of mine. I liked his early American released films, Desperado and Assassins but what made me really like him was watching the subtitled film Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!, since then he keeps impressing me with his acting chops. When I heard he was going to play the charismatic miner Mario "Super Mario" Sepulveda, who is famous for his video updates during the incident earning him a nickname I felt the role was well chosen. Antonio has an energy about him when he acts and I feel he’ll do well with giving a solid performance.

Creed - 25 Nov

When you watch the first trailer for Creed you have no idea what it’s about. You know Michael B. Jordan is a young boxer who’s father was a boxer. His relationship with his father was not very good and it’s believed that he didn’t have to fight for anything growing up. The trailer shatters the audience when you see him in a restaurant talking to Rocky – because this movie is not about a method or way, a creed. The movie is about a Creed, in this case son of Apollo Creed, Rocky’s greatest enemy and greatest friend.

Boom drop the mic. The movie will hit all the classic Rocky notes. It’s about taking hits, then Creed will take a beating, learn the lesson then apply said lesson in hard knocks in the ring. He may or may not win the expected penultimate fight at the end of the movie but it will one where Creed’s limits are tested and he shall grow while in the crucible.

Star Wars: Force Awakens – 18 Dec

It’s a new star wars movie. Han, Chewie, Leia, Luke, R2-D2, C-3PO – No Lucas, old school filming techniques, first of the new trilogy of Star Wars films!

What, I thought that was enough? If you need more info to go see this movie, you should be reading someone else’s blog.

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