15 Oct 2015

The Bust - BREAK

Well it seems this week is a bit of a bust.

Monday was recouping from two days of pure social activity, cleaning, and prepping. On Saturday and Sunday we cleaned the house, got some stuff sorted, and got ready for the two Thanksgiving events; Saturdays was at the in-laws and Sunday we hosted LiR, Red, Tambourine and their two boys collectively known as the wee Reds. By the time leftovers were issued and folks departed, me and Lady Bear were done. Monday was written off. Tuesday was back into full swing and in my case that means going to work, coming home to only leave for work again. From 7am to 11pm with a two-three hour window break in between. I turned WIN offline because Lady Bear is leaving tonight and tomorrow night I’ll be away in the woods at my second job. We both will be back by Sunday afternoon – tired and ready to start a brand new Monday.

So excuse the lack of posts this week but here is a rundown of what’s on the go.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is chugging along pretty well. I had written up a review with my current level of experience but last night I completed mission 31 and I finished chapter 2 of the game. So my review is shit canned and I’ve got a different opinion. I love this game it’s an easy GOLD game. You can see the detail that Kojima puts in everywhere and you can also see where he tries. In some cases it works and in other cases it fails, but you’re happy that Kojima and the rest of the team at least tried. My only complaint so far is the ‘to be continued’ mission endings that break up the pace of the game and pull me out of the overtop setting that Kojima has been crafting for over two decades.

My Japanese Sectorial Army (JSA) is getting painted. I’m close to finishing quite a few of my minis and I’m happy to report that I’ll be getting some more done tonight after Mother Bear and Uncle Pete stop by as Lady Bear heads out. Hopefully by 630pm I’ll be enjoying the Lab and getting more JSA completed. Can’t wait for the Domaru Butai Box to come out – looking forward to playing around and I feel the need to add me some more Ninja to my plate.

I’ve been watching the Mana Source quite a bit recently and I’m a fan of their easy to watch videos on Magic the Gathering. Wedge has great presentation style and doesn’t overdue the nerd cred while still throwing in some well-timed sass. Watch the Mana Source it is a great resrouce, I’ve learned a few new things. Hell I found a new milling idea and I vibrated with what Lady Bear called ‘evil wiggles’ – yeah more dream eating in this guys future.

Next weekend there is a considerable rest period for us Bears, we’re off to Montreal with the Dutchman and Dawn Seeker. Explore the old town, eat great food, maybe hit the odd nerdy place (Face to Face anyone?). I’ll also hopefully have more posts coming up as I get some time off next week after my two jobs.

Right now we have 3 days left of the Infinity RPG Kickstarter. Looks like we’ll break the goal of the Tohaa sourcebook but I’d really like to break 250k and get a T.A.G., Ships, and Technology sourcebooks. Those three would be great supplements to have sooner rather than later. Modiphius is putting out more add-ons and a slew of extras to convince you to spend more money.

- Cheers


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