19 Oct 2015

A place for everyone - Video

I spent over 48 hours with a couple of Dozen junior ranked NCO's of the Canadian Armed Forces. We lived outside sleeping in improvised shelters, practicing our annual list of military skills. It included navigation with map and compass - not GPS, CBRN drills - aka the gas hut, and remembering that Canada gets cold. It dropped past zero celsius. Wake up to -2 celsius in an improvised shelter and you find out how fast you move when woken up... I was waking folks up.

So today I've taken today off and I spent the morning after catching up on sleep watching the internet and their funny videos.

Come see.

First up is John Oliver and his take on the Canadian Election which is TODAY! If you live in the same country as me and you have the ability to vote - go do that.

Next up is the trailer for one of the best adventure titles the genre has ever produced, Tales of the Borderlands. The episodic release of this brilliant game that includes drama, humor, and even feels... is coming to an end as of 20 Nov 2015 - unless I got the date wrong from the end of this trailer.

Now I've been a fan of the Daily Show. Other than the odd skit, my favorite being of John Oliver doing his three part series on guns, I've not been a fan. I guess I'm still not with the new guy, Trevor Noah. Until this morning when I watched his video on 'Pro Life', which I thought was such a smart way to turn the pro-life and gun control thoughts into something funny and made me think. I laughed my ass off when I saw this video below.

Zombie Ben Carson - awesome.

I've also been watching the Mana Source. Wedge does a great job hosting and his pace and style have stuck with me. I don't know why it bothers me so much but it doesn't bother me, I just love listening to Wedge. The man has got some great nerd flow when working on Mana Source.

Lastly if you think I forgot about Fallout 4 enjoy this video and take a look at the rest.

- Cheers