23 Sep 2015

What a week! – Break

Ignore the lack of images – I’m having trouble pulling them from other sites today.

Well first on the list is the Infinity RPG Kickstarter from Modiphius. Last night we broke 155k and my second favorite faction the (JSA) Japanese Sectorial Army will be unlocked upon reaching the 200k mark. Once more it seems that the JSA is saddled with the Yu-Jing, it seems to have become less of a habbit and more of the norm. Seems I’m just going to have to live with the two factions being forever entwined.

Aside: For those not into Infinity, Yu-Jing is the actual faction and the JSA is a sectorial (sub-faction) made up of Japanese insurgents and criminals who live under the oppressive Yu-Jing rule. As a JSA supporter, I can never openly accept that they are one faction…

Last Sunday, we (Lady Bear, Dutchman, Yasha, Sarge, Wolf and his lady) finished the fourth part of the Immortality series of adventures for Iron Kingdoms: Full Metal Fantasy aka as IKRPG. There are only two parts left in the series and I’m looking forward to running them. Part 5 is a really nice running combat while lost scenario that ends on a real high point as the players arrive for the final boss fight. The summer break really killed some of the player knowledge but we muddled through and got what we wanted out of the session.

Anyways, more non-Infinity news is after the break.

I’ve been on a real Infinity kick due to the Kickstarter (oh gawd the pun!) but there is a real big event happening on the Magic the Gathering side of the table. Battle for Zendikar is here with a pre-release starting this Friday. I’ll be on the Sunday Two-Headed Giant event at Wizard’s Tower with Wolf. I’m interested in the no colour pick for event packs. Everyone is getting the same box, spin down counter, and six boosters with a single foil promo.

Gideon Jura has been getting lots of love recently. This is a good thing since he is one of my favorite planeswalkers. We last saw him in Gatecrash after his M12 debut. In Origins he returned alongside four other popular planeswalkers showing off his origins and now in the very next release we are expecting another Gideon – Gideon, Ally for Zendikar.

Now the Ally mechanic is back and I find it nice to see in his name. I also love the cost of Gideon, AoZ: 2WW. With only a converted mana cost of 4 you get a planeswalker with 4 loyalty. Recap here on this post about how planeswalkers work.

Gideon has some great abilities:
+1: He become as a Human Soldier Ally 5/5 with indestructible and that prevent all damage that would be dealt to him. 
0: You drop a white Kinght Ally 2/2 creature token
-4: Emblem with “Creatures you control get +1/+1”

So right off the bat he is a four cost Glorious Anthem that can’t be countered or blown away through like a normal Enchantment. Ignore the free 2/2 Ally he makes every turn, letting you really use the various Ally mechanics of the set. 

Next, the dream eating bastard that I am is loving the new Ingest mechanic. When a creature deals damage to a player they must exile the top card of their deck. The new Mist Intruder is 1U for a flying, 1/2 eldrazi drone. As a common I’m hoping to get a few for the pre-release and enjoy eating the dreams of my enemies.

Benthic Infiltrator, 2U for a 1/4 looks also pretty good, as does the Dominator Drone 2B for a 3/2 but my favorite in the Ingest camp is Fathom Feeder. For UB you get a 1/1 with Deathtouch and Ingest. The Fathom Feeder also has an activated ability. 3UB: “Draw a Card. Each opponent exiles the top card of his or her library”. I can see this as a late game card draw while killing every opponent’s deck of bite by bite. Getting this card in the Two-Headed Giant pre-release would make my weekend.

Sire of Stagnation is 4UB, 5/7 eldrazi that seems damn fun if you can get him out early in the game. His converted mana cost of 6 is a huge pain but if you can ramp him in somehow, forcing an opponent to exil the top two cards of their deck every time they play a land is awesome. He really caught my attention.

So that's what I've been doing this week outside of tracking my Kickstarter.

- Cheers