17 Sep 2015

Spending time on the Mountain

There are many shity aspects of my hobbies.

The cost is not always cheep. There are monopolies in many cases. It takes up lots of time. People can be dicks justifying their behaviour on the competative nature of the game or with the lengthy history of that fictional character. Sometimes the buisness wins over the fun, sometimes to make money... sometimes to make enough money to keep making the fun. Egos can take over and folks create wee empires and exclusive groups of people.

This is all reflection. It stems from thinking about the upbeat comments section of the Infinity RPG Kickstarter. The common negative quality is missing and posistive tone of the comments is the norm. A rare thing in the land of the internet. Once more I'm surounded by folks who just want to play and enjoy a game.

Last night was WIN (Wednesday Infinity Night) - edit: I should call it the Weekly Infinity Night. Me and Yasha played Nomad sectoral vs Nomad Sectoral. He was from the former prison ship Corregidor, while I was playing the folks from edge of anarchy Bakunin.

It was a messy fight and one lucky exchange early on put me on good footing. Most of the match was Yasha getting in close with his Moran, Maasai Hunter - a unit he is learning how to use while avoiding the glare and following reactive fire of my Sin-Eater Observants. It was a really good game. Yasha was playing his force it was maybe his tenth game of Infinity since picking up the faction. For me Bakunin has been a home since 2010 and I pulled out some tricks that only Bakunin has while also relearning how some of them work.

Afterwards we have a 2v2 game. Yasha and Sargeant vs Me and Big Red. 100 points - simple objective and we walked slowly through the rules. Sargeant and Yasha have some games under their belt but some rules are still rules and not a rote train of thought. Big Red was playing his second game ever. It was a good set of lists that Sargeant put together, I fell in love with my Domaru Butai all over again and Big Red enjoyed himself. We played two hours later than normal - a rare thing in my house since Lady Bear and I need to wake up early on most days.

The hobbies are about folks trying to have fun.

Lady Bear was up when I got to bed and we talked about the game. She mentioned I was happy before she curled up and passed out.

She dosn't mind the hobby because it's about community and good gathering.

Let me tell you when she figured that out...

It was a vacation early in our marrigae, Me and Lady Bear were visisting her hometown of Hamilton, Ontario. Being raised there after leaving Montreal, it has been a bit of watching Alice jumping back into the rabbit hole. Lady Bear does have something different this time around - Me.

Within minutes after pulling off the highway, we ponder through the well worn streets as we await the next set of automated instructions from the GPS. All while trying to reach the primary reason for the trip, Lady Bear's Grandparents. We were early, the swift grey roads of the tariffed Hwy 407 pulled us quickly through space and time without a hint of problematic traffic.

Of course I was on the hunt. I was looking for a refuge in a strange land shortly after turning down Mowhawk Road (East). I pulled in once I saw the bastion of my kind - Black Knight Games and the wife looked at me oddly. She assured me we didn't have to stop as she called out once more to the progenitors of her line via means of mobile telephone. I ignored her as I got out of the car and walked into a place of wonder and dreams for a bloke like me.

She followed and once she saw the inside - she knew.

You see the games I play is how I meet folks. My hobby is the gateway to seeking out other like minded fools. Those who play with plastic and metal army men, cast spells with cards, or anything else in between - places like Black Knight Games is where we gather.

The social rules are easy - respect each other and the same itch we all have when it comes to our games. Their game may be be your favourite. You may detest the bloated creature that once took up your time and hard earned coin. You may be a local champion or an expert in some of the more craft areas of the hobby... but you all share the same addiction. Our support group comes with folding chairs, shitty coffee and large oppresive tables but we come because that is the addiction. That basement in the strip mall is a hall of wonder and triumph.

By the time the night claimed us, we had also visited Conspiracy Comics and Games just within a twenty minute walk from the hotel we're using. Lady Bear watched me chat up almost a dozen folks all nerds just like me because we had quite a bit to talk about. Magic the Gathering, the new Dick Grayson comic book, and options in Miniature Carry Cases.

Lady Bear has joined in now.

She is one of us.

She playes White and she's starting to look at Green and Blue as ally colours in Magic the Gathering. She sports her own collection of Comics; Wonder Woman, Batwoman, and Batgirl with the 'new 52' started her on the journey that she started. These were choices she made and not the sugestion I passed on to her. Since then she picked up Saga, a comic I was eyeing and she instead took the lead and picks it up as it come sout. She has shown me Rat Queens, a brilliant piece of work that I owe Lady Bear for introducting to me.

Big Red and Tambourine are close friends and they play Magic the Gathering and Minecraft. Cards Against Humanity litters too many houses and yet not enough people play in my opinion. Brother Bear took the mother of his child, my Sister Bear to a local board game pub for her birthday; The Loft. Charging Pun and Lady-J have played through the various LEGO games together as a couple.

Game are activity that generate joy and we share that with folks we play with.

The hobby sports many a blemish, but if you can look past the scars and bruises you'll see something that everyone looks for...


- Cheers