15 Sep 2015

Legend of the Five Rings SOLD! - Table Top

Long ago, Dozer and many of the people he still plays with today ran an annual event called Gamers Heaven. We would meet during the winter holidays or during a summer break, some years we met on both occasions.

Folks would show up for two or three days of solid RPG gaming. After a few years we became more organized, with schedules for the three eight hours blocks (two games sessions and sleep), menus, pub night, Halo multiplayer LAN at Bloodgulch… Two games started that event: Warhammer Fantasy RPG and Legend of the Five Rings. Sadly Gamers Heaven only lasted eleven years and sixteen events.

Charging Pun brought Warhammer Fantasy RPG, on the tenth anniversary of Gamers Heaven we bought him the limited leather bound edition of the Second Edition publication so he could start another game.

I brought Legend of the Five Rings RPG and we played a campaign that spanned generations that started in the First Edition of the game and continued with the Third Edition of the game. There was even plans to carry it into a new generation and a new edition (Fourth Edition) when Gamers Heaven would start up once again – maybe 2016! (we`ll see).

I’ve played the RPG over three editions (I skipped second edition) and even picked up the CCG for a time. The history is huge and the game is brilliant. I even have Love Letter: Legend of the Five Rings. I love this setting and I love the RPG.

So why the preamble? Well the two games that started Gamers Heaven were both taken over by Fantasy Flight Games! Yes that is true AEG has sold off their intellectual property Legend of the Five Rings to Fantasy Flight Games.

The makers of Citadels, Elder Sign, REX: Final Days of the Empire, the various Warhammer 40k RPGs, the three Star Wars RPGs, and old games like Midnight and Fireborn. Ontos, Ferrus, and slew of my mates are playing Star Wars: X-Wing, Star Wars: Imperial Assault, and Star Wars: Armada – a set of games I’ve also enjoyed but alas there is only so many mini games I can own. I’m more a fan and regular player of Netrunner, Twilight Imperium, and the Game of Thrones: Board Game.

Fantasy Flight games has made some of my favorite games and RPGs over the years with only a few stumbles. I wish them luck and look forward to see what they have planned for RPG and the upcoming Living Card Game – maybe even a few more games using the setting.

I’ll be keeping watch from up here, much like my favorite Toritaka (the Falcon Clan, later absorbed and become a Crab Family) even though I’m more often a Scorpion when I play.

- Cheers