16 Sep 2015

Infinity RPG Kickstarter UPDATES - BREAKING NEWS

Here is the Kickstarter - PLEDGE NOW!


As of this post we've unlokced the following goals. I'll have more posts going up as the Kickstarter continues and I'll have more up to date lists of unlocked goals.

A collection of Q&A's is after the break.

16.SEP.0944 EST
*Print option for the Core Book
*Print option for the Players Guide
*Access to the limited run miniatures

16.SEP.1115 EST
*More Art

*Gamemaster Guide
*Campiagn 'Shadow Affairs'


Chris Birch is quoted in the kickstarter comments with the following Questions and Answers:

Q:SantiCNS 23 minutes ago
@Modiphius Hi, I grabbed the Bostria's design character for the core book pledge level. Since the playable factions are all humans, does that mean that I cannot create a Morar or Shasvastii character? If playable aliens are going to be described in a supplement, should I change my pledge level to a supplement character design level? Or aliens will never be possible to play and I should stick to my current pledge?
A: Creator Chris Birch, Modiphius
@SantiCNS - there will be a supplement for alien characters - from turncoat Morats to Shasvastil renegades so you could bump to supplements but I'd wait to see we unlock that book first.

Q: from Kauyon_007
Will there be an option for everything in print not just the Core Rules?
A: Creator Chris Birch, Modiphius
@Kauyon - yes there will, we won't reveal it until there's more books unlocked

Q: Nick Simpson
Will there be an add-on similar to the GM dice set from Mutant Chronicles with a bunch of d20s, damage dice, and a hit location die in a single set?
A: Creator Chris Birch, Modiphius
@Nick yes we're figuring out the best combination but we will likely post a Players & GM's dice set

Q:Federico Franceschi
Same question but a little more complete: I would like to have a pledge level for EVERYTHING (one of each)! As a collector, it is easier than to track all the different add ons, etc. Awesome KS!
A: Creator Chris Birch, Modiphius
@Federico - we'll be unleashing the mega pledges soon, just wanted to get the ball rolling so people could trust we'll be unlocking enough stuff to make them worthwhile

Q:badula 42
I'm starting to doubt: have i dreamed of a collector's box pledge (not the current collector edition)
A: Creator Chris Birch, Modiphius
@Badula - no there is a collectors box set being unveiled soon. We're working on the contents to balance a fair price and awesome contents!

Q: Dmitry Ryabchuk
So, correct me if I'm wrong, but for 250 GBP pledge we get all the miniatures and books, right? *plus being drawn in the core rulebook*
A: Creator Chris Birch, Modiphius
@Dmitry - you get one mini of your choice, and drawn in with the story and stats plus the core book. The artwork is expensive :-) There will be a pledge that includes all the books and minis however we won't reveal this until there's enough books unlocked to make it worthwhile.

Q:Olen Gravel
@ Chris - in regard to the planned 'Mega Pledges' for those of us already in a pledge - like the Art packages, will we be able to add the contents of the Mega Pledge without loosing the stuff in the Art pledge levels?
A: Creator Chris Birch, Modiphius
@Olen, for the collectors box there will be an Add On, for the 'Everything' type pledges we will do Add Ons as well

Q:Joseph Figueroa
@Chris any backer icons and banners in the works :)?
A: Creator Chris Birch, Modiphius
@Joseph yes nice banners and avatars coming tomorrow I think!

Q:Remy van Vliet
#1 - Dice: How many factions will there be in Q Workshop dice?
#2 - Dice: Will they be different from the Panociana and Nomad Dice from Operation Icestorm (or the USAriadne from the Army Pack)?
 #3 - Miniatures: Will the six miniatures here be Kickstarter exclusive or also available at a later date?
 #4 - Books: Will the other books also be hardcover like the core book?
a). Dice: An Infinity dicebag would be useful and awesome!
A: Creator Chris Birch, Modiphius
#1 - All the factions including Combined army will be represented
#2 - Yes - new design
#3 - They're exclusive though Corvus Belli said they may release them in different poses at a later date
#4 - Books: Currently softcover but high quality, however we aim to have hardcover upgrades
a). Dice: We'll think about that. :-)

Q:Mark Geller
I have a few questions, the fact that I need to pay for the full pledge through Paypal, and then had to pledge at the dollar level to be able to post, will there be a way for me to fold this payment into my PayPal one?
#2) any limited pledges that come up as the KS continues..... those of us that have to pay through paypal.. will we be elegable for them since they are limited?
#3) I pledged at the Collectors Edition level.. which gives me the Physical book + all unlocks.. whats the difference between that and the level below that gives all PDF's plus all Infinity RPG for the next two years?
A: Creator Chris Birch, Modiphius
@Mark just email us we'll credit your account with the $1 don't worry (after the KS closes)
2) Please email us if you want a limited pledge.
3) The PDF subscription gets you all unlocked books plus other books not in the kickstarter that we produce afterwards