21 Sep 2015

Infinity RPG: Kickstarter, Oscar Tango Mike - Table Top

What can I say I am loving this. Twice have I jumped up and down in excitment as Yasha and Ontos were able to snatch up pledges at the BOSTRIA Art Master. Yasha was able to snag a spot in the Core Book while Ontos is happy to be a supplement book.

If you're wondering what the duce I'm going on about. Here is the Kickstarter - take a look.

So we (Modiphius and us folks who pledged) started last week and the Kickstarter is off to a great start. At the time of this post we've unlocked through pledges the following goals:

 * Print option for the Core Book
 * Print option for the Player's Guide
 * Access to the limited run miniatures
 * More Art in the Core Book
 * Gamemaster Guide
 * Campiagn 'Shadow Affairs'
 * Faction Book: Nomad
 * Bonus Content for the Player's Guide
 * Paradiso planet Book
 * A printed Player's Guide with each printer Core Book

The next set of goals to unlock are looking very nice:

155k - Faction Book: Ariadna
170k - Faction Book: Panoceania
185k - Faction Book: ALEPH

On top of all of that backers are looking at also getting:

- Digital Wallpapers
- Form Fillable Character Sheets
- Conversion Rules for RPG to Table Top
- 4 pre-generated characters from the Corvus Beli Founders
- An orgional adventure of 24 pages played by the Covus Beli Founders

The BOSTRIA Art Master Pledge was expanded from 30 to 40 backers on the weekend after Modiphius released two other interesting pledge levels. ALL THE BOOKS IN PRINT and PDF for 300, and the FACTION FANATIC for 18.

So far Modiphius has said that the following books are what they have planned for. Some may be combined into larger books but each of the above titles are looking at a minimum of 112 pages of material and art.

Collectors Edition Core Book, Gamesmasters Guide, Shadow Affairs Campaign, Paradiso Planet Book, All Faction Books (Nomad, Ariadna, Panoceania, Aleph, Yu Jing, Haqqislam, Tohaa, Combined Army), Technology Of The Human Sphere, Ships Of The Human Sphere, Tactical Armoured Gears, The 0-12 Files, War Market Mercenaries Sourcebook, Acheron Cascade Campaign, Adventures In The Human Sphere Collection, Nebula Of Mirrors Campaign, Hypercorps & The Players Guide.

Gotta say this is looking real good in terms of upcoming products. Also the new updated BETA set of the rules are due in the near future. With some fancy formatting, art, and adjustments from all the feedback we provided duirng the testing periods. I'm looking forward to taking the crew from WIN back into the Infinity RPG, and seeing what it can do with the second scenario they released with the last set of testing packages.

Good luck Modiphius and fellow backers.

- Cheers


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