16 Sep 2015

Infinity RPG Kickstarter is LIVE! - Table Top

'Bout time! It's here and it's live.

Ontos and I have been refreshing our gmails at work and have kept each other posted as we got updates on the launch of this Kickstarter. It's been a long and eager wait and finaly it's here.

With an expected release of Feb 2016 for the first wave of products and a successful record of three previous Kickstarters, I trust these folks to get the job done and done right.

I'll get a video up and running when I can but until then, I'll have the Kickstarter Widget running in the side bar.

I've already put forward my own pledge but I expect to increase it as the Kickstarter stretch goals come alive.

Since it's WIN (Wednesday Infinity Night) I feel like some stars have aligned in my favour. I also got to muck about with the ALPHA and BETA.

I had Wolf and his lady, Ontos, Yasha, and Sargeant all play the first scenario with the BETA rules and I really liked the asymmetrical resource mechanics of Heat and Momentum. The dice mechanics are a bit odd ball but once you get into the flow the game really flows.

My wish list are the d6 add on are not normal d6 (showing 1,2,3,4,5,6) but instead showing the mechanical results (1,1,blank, blank, blank, EFFECT). Also I’m looking forward to breaking the 40k stretch goal so I can get me some sweet, sweet miniatures!

Expect Updates as they come

- Cheers