28 Sep 2015

Weekend Break - Table Top

So this weekend was busy, outside of the odd Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pains mission it went down like this.

Red's birthday - Friday

Recover from Red's Birthday - Saturday morning
Build Table 2.0 - Saturday afternoon

Dog park - early Sunday morning
Hang out with Lady Bear - late Sunday morning
Battle for Zendikar pre-release - Sunday afternoon/eve

So today's post is more of a place holder as I draft how the pre-release went and the current state of the lab with the new gaming table.

- Cheers


23 Sep 2015

What a week! – Break

Ignore the lack of images – I’m having trouble pulling them from other sites today.

Well first on the list is the Infinity RPG Kickstarter from Modiphius. Last night we broke 155k and my second favorite faction the (JSA) Japanese Sectorial Army will be unlocked upon reaching the 200k mark. Once more it seems that the JSA is saddled with the Yu-Jing, it seems to have become less of a habbit and more of the norm. Seems I’m just going to have to live with the two factions being forever entwined.

Aside: For those not into Infinity, Yu-Jing is the actual faction and the JSA is a sectorial (sub-faction) made up of Japanese insurgents and criminals who live under the oppressive Yu-Jing rule. As a JSA supporter, I can never openly accept that they are one faction…

Last Sunday, we (Lady Bear, Dutchman, Yasha, Sarge, Wolf and his lady) finished the fourth part of the Immortality series of adventures for Iron Kingdoms: Full Metal Fantasy aka as IKRPG. There are only two parts left in the series and I’m looking forward to running them. Part 5 is a really nice running combat while lost scenario that ends on a real high point as the players arrive for the final boss fight. The summer break really killed some of the player knowledge but we muddled through and got what we wanted out of the session.

Anyways, more non-Infinity news is after the break.

21 Sep 2015

Infinity RPG: Kickstarter, Oscar Tango Mike - Table Top

What can I say I am loving this. Twice have I jumped up and down in excitment as Yasha and Ontos were able to snatch up pledges at the BOSTRIA Art Master. Yasha was able to snag a spot in the Core Book while Ontos is happy to be a supplement book.

If you're wondering what the duce I'm going on about. Here is the Kickstarter - take a look.

So we (Modiphius and us folks who pledged) started last week and the Kickstarter is off to a great start. At the time of this post we've unlocked through pledges the following goals:

 * Print option for the Core Book
 * Print option for the Player's Guide
 * Access to the limited run miniatures
 * More Art in the Core Book
 * Gamemaster Guide
 * Campiagn 'Shadow Affairs'
 * Faction Book: Nomad
 * Bonus Content for the Player's Guide
 * Paradiso planet Book
 * A printed Player's Guide with each printer Core Book

The next set of goals to unlock are looking very nice:

155k - Faction Book: Ariadna
170k - Faction Book: Panoceania
185k - Faction Book: ALEPH

On top of all of that backers are looking at also getting:

- Digital Wallpapers
- Form Fillable Character Sheets
- Conversion Rules for RPG to Table Top
- 4 pre-generated characters from the Corvus Beli Founders
- An orgional adventure of 24 pages played by the Covus Beli Founders

The BOSTRIA Art Master Pledge was expanded from 30 to 40 backers on the weekend after Modiphius released two other interesting pledge levels. ALL THE BOOKS IN PRINT and PDF for 300, and the FACTION FANATIC for 18.

So far Modiphius has said that the following books are what they have planned for. Some may be combined into larger books but each of the above titles are looking at a minimum of 112 pages of material and art.

Collectors Edition Core Book, Gamesmasters Guide, Shadow Affairs Campaign, Paradiso Planet Book, All Faction Books (Nomad, Ariadna, Panoceania, Aleph, Yu Jing, Haqqislam, Tohaa, Combined Army), Technology Of The Human Sphere, Ships Of The Human Sphere, Tactical Armoured Gears, The 0-12 Files, War Market Mercenaries Sourcebook, Acheron Cascade Campaign, Adventures In The Human Sphere Collection, Nebula Of Mirrors Campaign, Hypercorps & The Players Guide.

Gotta say this is looking real good in terms of upcoming products. Also the new updated BETA set of the rules are due in the near future. With some fancy formatting, art, and adjustments from all the feedback we provided duirng the testing periods. I'm looking forward to taking the crew from WIN back into the Infinity RPG, and seeing what it can do with the second scenario they released with the last set of testing packages.

Good luck Modiphius and fellow backers.

- Cheers


Corvus Belli's INFINITY Roleplaying Game -- Kicktraq Mini

17 Sep 2015

Spending time on the Mountain

There are many shity aspects of my hobbies.

The cost is not always cheep. There are monopolies in many cases. It takes up lots of time. People can be dicks justifying their behaviour on the competative nature of the game or with the lengthy history of that fictional character. Sometimes the buisness wins over the fun, sometimes to make money... sometimes to make enough money to keep making the fun. Egos can take over and folks create wee empires and exclusive groups of people.

This is all reflection. It stems from thinking about the upbeat comments section of the Infinity RPG Kickstarter. The common negative quality is missing and posistive tone of the comments is the norm. A rare thing in the land of the internet. Once more I'm surounded by folks who just want to play and enjoy a game.

Last night was WIN (Wednesday Infinity Night) - edit: I should call it the Weekly Infinity Night. Me and Yasha played Nomad sectoral vs Nomad Sectoral. He was from the former prison ship Corregidor, while I was playing the folks from edge of anarchy Bakunin.

It was a messy fight and one lucky exchange early on put me on good footing. Most of the match was Yasha getting in close with his Moran, Maasai Hunter - a unit he is learning how to use while avoiding the glare and following reactive fire of my Sin-Eater Observants. It was a really good game. Yasha was playing his force it was maybe his tenth game of Infinity since picking up the faction. For me Bakunin has been a home since 2010 and I pulled out some tricks that only Bakunin has while also relearning how some of them work.

Afterwards we have a 2v2 game. Yasha and Sargeant vs Me and Big Red. 100 points - simple objective and we walked slowly through the rules. Sargeant and Yasha have some games under their belt but some rules are still rules and not a rote train of thought. Big Red was playing his second game ever. It was a good set of lists that Sargeant put together, I fell in love with my Domaru Butai all over again and Big Red enjoyed himself. We played two hours later than normal - a rare thing in my house since Lady Bear and I need to wake up early on most days.

The hobbies are about folks trying to have fun.

Lady Bear was up when I got to bed and we talked about the game. She mentioned I was happy before she curled up and passed out.

She dosn't mind the hobby because it's about community and good gathering.

Let me tell you when she figured that out...

16 Sep 2015

Infinity RPG Kickstarter UPDATES - BREAKING NEWS

Here is the Kickstarter - PLEDGE NOW!


As of this post we've unlokced the following goals. I'll have more posts going up as the Kickstarter continues and I'll have more up to date lists of unlocked goals.

A collection of Q&A's is after the break.

16.SEP.0944 EST
*Print option for the Core Book
*Print option for the Players Guide
*Access to the limited run miniatures

16.SEP.1115 EST
*More Art

*Gamemaster Guide
*Campiagn 'Shadow Affairs'

Infinity RPG Kickstarter is LIVE! - Table Top

'Bout time! It's here and it's live.

Ontos and I have been refreshing our gmails at work and have kept each other posted as we got updates on the launch of this Kickstarter. It's been a long and eager wait and finaly it's here.

With an expected release of Feb 2016 for the first wave of products and a successful record of three previous Kickstarters, I trust these folks to get the job done and done right.

I'll get a video up and running when I can but until then, I'll have the Kickstarter Widget running in the side bar.

I've already put forward my own pledge but I expect to increase it as the Kickstarter stretch goals come alive.

Since it's WIN (Wednesday Infinity Night) I feel like some stars have aligned in my favour. I also got to muck about with the ALPHA and BETA.

I had Wolf and his lady, Ontos, Yasha, and Sargeant all play the first scenario with the BETA rules and I really liked the asymmetrical resource mechanics of Heat and Momentum. The dice mechanics are a bit odd ball but once you get into the flow the game really flows.

My wish list are the d6 add on are not normal d6 (showing 1,2,3,4,5,6) but instead showing the mechanical results (1,1,blank, blank, blank, EFFECT). Also I’m looking forward to breaking the 40k stretch goal so I can get me some sweet, sweet miniatures!

Expect Updates as they come

- Cheers


15 Sep 2015

Legend of the Five Rings SOLD! - Table Top

Long ago, Dozer and many of the people he still plays with today ran an annual event called Gamers Heaven. We would meet during the winter holidays or during a summer break, some years we met on both occasions.

Folks would show up for two or three days of solid RPG gaming. After a few years we became more organized, with schedules for the three eight hours blocks (two games sessions and sleep), menus, pub night, Halo multiplayer LAN at Bloodgulch… Two games started that event: Warhammer Fantasy RPG and Legend of the Five Rings. Sadly Gamers Heaven only lasted eleven years and sixteen events.

Charging Pun brought Warhammer Fantasy RPG, on the tenth anniversary of Gamers Heaven we bought him the limited leather bound edition of the Second Edition publication so he could start another game.

I brought Legend of the Five Rings RPG and we played a campaign that spanned generations that started in the First Edition of the game and continued with the Third Edition of the game. There was even plans to carry it into a new generation and a new edition (Fourth Edition) when Gamers Heaven would start up once again – maybe 2016! (we`ll see).

I’ve played the RPG over three editions (I skipped second edition) and even picked up the CCG for a time. The history is huge and the game is brilliant. I even have Love Letter: Legend of the Five Rings. I love this setting and I love the RPG.

So why the preamble? Well the two games that started Gamers Heaven were both taken over by Fantasy Flight Games! Yes that is true AEG has sold off their intellectual property Legend of the Five Rings to Fantasy Flight Games.

The makers of Citadels, Elder Sign, REX: Final Days of the Empire, the various Warhammer 40k RPGs, the three Star Wars RPGs, and old games like Midnight and Fireborn. Ontos, Ferrus, and slew of my mates are playing Star Wars: X-Wing, Star Wars: Imperial Assault, and Star Wars: Armada – a set of games I’ve also enjoyed but alas there is only so many mini games I can own. I’m more a fan and regular player of Netrunner, Twilight Imperium, and the Game of Thrones: Board Game.

Fantasy Flight games has made some of my favorite games and RPGs over the years with only a few stumbles. I wish them luck and look forward to see what they have planned for RPG and the upcoming Living Card Game – maybe even a few more games using the setting.

I’ll be keeping watch from up here, much like my favorite Toritaka (the Falcon Clan, later absorbed and become a Crab Family) even though I’m more often a Scorpion when I play.

- Cheers


14 Sep 2015

Goodbye Captain Jack - Loss

This is not what I had planned for my first post back.

Ishman Jack: August 17, 1972 – September 12, 2015

Ishman died from Hodgkin's lymphoma on Saturday 12 September 2015, at 2330/1130 pm EST.

For those of you who knew him, he was someone so sought out fun. You'd always see that wide smile of his. He was a superman, larger than life, he could lift the world on his shoulders and crack a joke.

The world seems a big heavy now that he is no longer here.

Folks he was a good one -

I wish everyone who is close to 'Ish' my condolences.

Donations to The Waupoos Foundation appreciated.

Friends may pay respects at the Kelly Funeral Home,
Barrhaven Chapel
3000 Woodroffe Avenue, Nepean,
ON K2J 4G3

Interment at the Beechwood Cemetery

"Hey ho, Captain Jack
Met me by the railroad track..."
- Common campfire & marching song

9 Sep 2015

Hey Listen! - Break

So I've been off the air for a bit.

In my last post I mentioned a surgery and yesterday I had my post up check up - let's say everything that could have gone wrong did (except the loss of life, brain infection, and loss of eyesight).

I've got a few posts ready to fire off after a few twists of work to do but until then here is a run down of what I've been doing.

1. Healing - seriously the surgery sucked

2. Batman: Arkham Knight - pretty good

3. Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pains - WOW

4. New Smoker! - Wait till you see this thing

5. Infinity RPG - I've been on top of it since the stuff went semi-public with the Alpha and the Beta, Kickstarter starts this week!

6. WIN (Wednsday/Weekly Infinity Night) - back in the groove with the slow death of summer

7. Fant4stic - Is really not that good, and that makes me sad

8. Warmachine Errata - eHailey got nerfed, and how

So there are a few of things I've been doing, more to follow once I get some me time to get it out.

Next Monday I'll be back!

- Cheers