17 Aug 2015

It will be a Monday - Break

I'm writing this post after a interesting trip to Algonquin Park, where I stayed a 24 period off Opeongo Lake. I learned a few things:

1. Don't get drunk the night before you leave and pack your bags under the spell of over a half dozen extra spicy Mott's Clamato Caesars.

2. Ask the Park staff how the weather was the past 48 hours, so you can buy wood in case the deadfall is not good for the camp fires... instead of showing up the after a huge rain storm that forced campers on Friday to return to the outfitters to buys bags of wood.

3. There is a place called Tickle Island Farm - it also has nothing to do with small children and very touchy adults.

4. Foodland is a thing - seriously there is place called Foodland. It's a grocer.

Tomorrow will be Monday (the day this post is launched... so it's today) and I will be getting surgery, and I'll be staying overnight at the hospital due to possible complications. I get to come home on Tuesday and I will probably be a big fucking mess of a human after having my nose rebored for better holes.

Lastly and the best news - Mayacast (Tom and Kip) did a mailbag episode and they got to my e-mail pretty early in the podcast (at 34:05). They have huge news on the Dire Seas event coming next April in 2016. Oh and last thing before I go on about the awesome sounding Dire Seas event, for all the folks who play WIN - expect a shout out around 40:35 mins into the podcast after they read out my long winded question.

See you after the break.

Here are the facts so far on Dire Seas:

Some fancy looking graphic work on the way and a Facebook group will be coming up soon. Since I'm off Facebook, I'll be getting Lady Bear to join the group.

This event is Lady Bear approved! Dates are now April 9-17 - Meaning that Lady Bear and I will be celebrating on the first night, since that is our anniversary. So going on a 7 day cruise is a great way to celebrate 6 years since we met.

New ship and cruise line, now we're on the Carnival Freedom - new destinations TBD. The ship will be leaving out of Galviston Texas with a pre-send off Friday Night Beer-finity event the night before the cruise. Cost: 699$ inside cabin, 799$ sea view cabin, 999$ Balcony - per person. That's now 300$ cheaper per the old estimated costs.

With the new dates, Carlos who is expected to attend Adepticon next year will be able to join us on the cruise! Who is Carlos? Well he's the graphic design guy for Corvus Beli. He's one of the three original guys who started Infinity. He also takes all the sexy pictures of the painted minis we see. Plus since his english is the best - that we know of, he's the regular Public Face of Corvus Beli and Infinity. As per the 2015 Gen Con seminar in the video below.

- Cheers