25 Aug 2015

In the face – Health

So I had to get a nose job – aka Rhinoplasty.

These can be easy like getting wisdom teeth pulled. Go in the morning, wake up in the afternoon, go home, and have the bandages taken off the next day.

Complication #1 – Sleep Apnea
I snore, I also stop breathing. This is bad when your face is jammed with packaging and the nose is fully blocked. So I’ve bene told I’m staying overnight. My choices are a private room for 400$, a shared room for 200$, or general ward (6-8 beds/room) for free. I picked the free option as I can ignore folks really easy.

Complication #2 – Resistance to sedation and general anesthesia
Sedation and general anesthesia are actually two different ways to put someone under in order to perform surgery. Seems I have a record of waking up from both – great for me if someone trying to knock me out. Bad if someone is drilling bigger holes in my face after fixing the inside of the nose.

Complication #3 – Damage
So I’ve had my face kicked in more than once; sometimes from work, sometimes for fun, and sometimes because I couldn’t avoid whatever hit me in the face. This added to the work of fixing my deviation with my septum which led to the first bad thing.

Bad Thing #1 – The level of work
When the Doc tells you it was a much larger job than expected understand that means in many cases that the Doc pauses checks with the surgical team and ensures they are prepped for the extra work ahead of them or do they need to regroup and try later with more staff and supplies. So they stopped, checked, and did the work.

Bad Thing #2 – Trauma
Do to… well everything above. The surgery was much harder and much more evasive and traumatic on the inside of my face. So I do get a private room in the Intensive Care Unit. When I asked my nurse why was I hooked up, she checked my chart and came back looking like I do when facing the troops. In no uncertain terms were orders given and there was nothing else to do but sit there and take it. Seems my chart, file, whatever… was not good. The slew of complications and the danger to my life warranted to bed me in the ICU for 24/7 monitoring due to the trauma.

I was told to be ready to take a few days off, go in Monday, stay over Tues for sleep and maybe take Wed off. Well my doctors note said 7 days off! Also the recovery has been rough on the body which is fucking tired with all the healing it’s doing. So I've been using those 7 days off... passed out in front of my Xbox One or in front of the TV, when sleep takes over and claims me.

Bad Thing #3 – Infection
On Monday I get back to work and suddenly I can’t breathe from one half of my nose and it starts swell on the one side. I rush back to the Doc’s and found out I subject to a ‘major infection’ after just finishing a round of antibiotics. So now I have ten days of taking meds, I ve got my check up appointment pushed up by two weeks, and I’m having problems breathing.

Add in the slew of restrictions which is simply no physical activity for 4 weeks. Lifting anything of real weight and vola my nose starts to bleed and I get vertigo.

So yeah – last week was a real pain in the face week.
I'm doing well and Lady Bear is taking good care of me.

Thanks for the drop from the Dutchman, the pick up by Dawn Seeker, and the check up rides from Mama Bear.

Love to my wife for being awesome. She travelled and shopped for all my needs and I wanted not during my whole time healing.

Lastly even though they may not get this. Thanks to Maya Cast (Tom and Kip) for keeping me sane in the late hours of the night in the ICU. Thanks to Privateer Press for a great read with the Skorne Empire IKRPG Unleashed Book. Thanks to rocksteady for Batman: Arkham Knight for keeping me sane during the last week in recovery.

- Cheers