3 Aug 2015

BBQ 3 - Food

So a few things happened this weekend. 

We didn't stay all weekend long at Rocko's family cottage. It was getting cramped and the weather was forcing all the folks inside. We had been there since 1400 on Friday and we left at 2200 on Saturday. 

The place looked great.

Dozer loves his beer in his camping mug

When we arrived on Friday, Me and Lady bear lounged, relaxed, and set up for cooking the next three major meals. 

The smoker turned out well enough even though my DIY smoker is officially dead. I also didn't get any images but lets say I've got a really good handle on my Texas Style rub. Very simple and very easy to put on. 

What a bloody great view

Once the rain kicked in, and the population started to double - plus some fun with my guts. Me and Lady Bear left the cottage. We left the rest of the food for Sunday with Rocko and enjoyed a night drive home.

Since we got back, we've enjoyed the rest of our time and we're looking forward to the coming weekend. So my happy moment with the cottage was the Low Country Boil...
Best of the whole weekend and first win on the list was the Low Country boil. 

The results were good very good. 

I had three types of sausages that I used: A solid German, a mild Italian, and a 'hot' Italian. The 'hot' was just a spicy as the mild but it had a stronger flavour. All in all it was a good mix of meats that would be but unto the pot. I used one part water and one part brown beer (two bottles). I brought it to a boil and then threw in the sausage for five minutes. 

Next in line was the wee potatoes, they went in and got a healthy dusting of the seasoning I used through the whole process. After fourteen minutes, I put in the corn with another healthy dusting of seasoning. Five minutes later in when the shrimp and rest of the seasoning. After three minutes in went the mussels and I poured over them another bottle of beer. I've read that folks put in ice cubes with the muscles but I figured a cold beer would do the trick. 

Five minutes later, I pulled out the inner pot let the juices strain and put in down on the deck to let the meats settle. During that time I covered the counter top with newspaper and had Lady Bear melt some butter. I then poured out the contents of the boil and sprayed the food with a whole lemon worth of juices. 
L-R: The Dutchman, Dawn Seeker, Lady Bear
The food is being well received.
Folks hit the counter with plates and sat down to a table with beer and melted butter. I'm thinking of making a few more light sauces and oils for dipping options for this coming weekend at the Dutchman's family riverside beach house. 

It was good. 

I'm just going to remember my time alone on Saturday morning. It was 6 am and I had just come out of the lake for a morning dive, dip, and swim. I had my beer in hand with coffee being brewed before the rest of the cottage woke up. 

I turned back along the side of the cottage and I saw this... 

Good morning world

- Cheers