25 Aug 2015

In the face – Health

So I had to get a nose job – aka Rhinoplasty.

These can be easy like getting wisdom teeth pulled. Go in the morning, wake up in the afternoon, go home, and have the bandages taken off the next day.

Complication #1 – Sleep Apnea
I snore, I also stop breathing. This is bad when your face is jammed with packaging and the nose is fully blocked. So I’ve bene told I’m staying overnight. My choices are a private room for 400$, a shared room for 200$, or general ward (6-8 beds/room) for free. I picked the free option as I can ignore folks really easy.

Complication #2 – Resistance to sedation and general anesthesia
Sedation and general anesthesia are actually two different ways to put someone under in order to perform surgery. Seems I have a record of waking up from both – great for me if someone trying to knock me out. Bad if someone is drilling bigger holes in my face after fixing the inside of the nose.

Complication #3 – Damage
So I’ve had my face kicked in more than once; sometimes from work, sometimes for fun, and sometimes because I couldn’t avoid whatever hit me in the face. This added to the work of fixing my deviation with my septum which led to the first bad thing.

Bad Thing #1 – The level of work
When the Doc tells you it was a much larger job than expected understand that means in many cases that the Doc pauses checks with the surgical team and ensures they are prepped for the extra work ahead of them or do they need to regroup and try later with more staff and supplies. So they stopped, checked, and did the work.

Bad Thing #2 – Trauma
Do to… well everything above. The surgery was much harder and much more evasive and traumatic on the inside of my face. So I do get a private room in the Intensive Care Unit. When I asked my nurse why was I hooked up, she checked my chart and came back looking like I do when facing the troops. In no uncertain terms were orders given and there was nothing else to do but sit there and take it. Seems my chart, file, whatever… was not good. The slew of complications and the danger to my life warranted to bed me in the ICU for 24/7 monitoring due to the trauma.

I was told to be ready to take a few days off, go in Monday, stay over Tues for sleep and maybe take Wed off. Well my doctors note said 7 days off! Also the recovery has been rough on the body which is fucking tired with all the healing it’s doing. So I've been using those 7 days off... passed out in front of my Xbox One or in front of the TV, when sleep takes over and claims me.

Bad Thing #3 – Infection
On Monday I get back to work and suddenly I can’t breathe from one half of my nose and it starts swell on the one side. I rush back to the Doc’s and found out I subject to a ‘major infection’ after just finishing a round of antibiotics. So now I have ten days of taking meds, I ve got my check up appointment pushed up by two weeks, and I’m having problems breathing.

Add in the slew of restrictions which is simply no physical activity for 4 weeks. Lifting anything of real weight and vola my nose starts to bleed and I get vertigo.

So yeah – last week was a real pain in the face week.
I'm doing well and Lady Bear is taking good care of me.

Thanks for the drop from the Dutchman, the pick up by Dawn Seeker, and the check up rides from Mama Bear.

Love to my wife for being awesome. She travelled and shopped for all my needs and I wanted not during my whole time healing.

Lastly even though they may not get this. Thanks to Maya Cast (Tom and Kip) for keeping me sane in the late hours of the night in the ICU. Thanks to Privateer Press for a great read with the Skorne Empire IKRPG Unleashed Book. Thanks to rocksteady for Batman: Arkham Knight for keeping me sane during the last week in recovery.

- Cheers


17 Aug 2015

It will be a Monday - Break

I'm writing this post after a interesting trip to Algonquin Park, where I stayed a 24 period off Opeongo Lake. I learned a few things:

1. Don't get drunk the night before you leave and pack your bags under the spell of over a half dozen extra spicy Mott's Clamato Caesars.

2. Ask the Park staff how the weather was the past 48 hours, so you can buy wood in case the deadfall is not good for the camp fires... instead of showing up the after a huge rain storm that forced campers on Friday to return to the outfitters to buys bags of wood.

3. There is a place called Tickle Island Farm - it also has nothing to do with small children and very touchy adults.

4. Foodland is a thing - seriously there is place called Foodland. It's a grocer.

Tomorrow will be Monday (the day this post is launched... so it's today) and I will be getting surgery, and I'll be staying overnight at the hospital due to possible complications. I get to come home on Tuesday and I will probably be a big fucking mess of a human after having my nose rebored for better holes.

Lastly and the best news - Mayacast (Tom and Kip) did a mailbag episode and they got to my e-mail pretty early in the podcast (at 34:05). They have huge news on the Dire Seas event coming next April in 2016. Oh and last thing before I go on about the awesome sounding Dire Seas event, for all the folks who play WIN - expect a shout out around 40:35 mins into the podcast after they read out my long winded question.

See you after the break.

14 Aug 2015

The Apology – My Take

A quick and simple history lesson here my Mother, Mama Bear, is German.

Her father my Opa is a Romanian Gypsy with blond hair and blue eyes – deciding between death or joining, my Opa fought for the German Forces in the Second World War. He didn’t fight very long as he got himself captured.

My Oma (grandmother) met Opa after the war, he changed his last name to a more German sounding name and they had my mother. They immigrated to Canada to start somewhere fresh, my Mom arrived in Canada and was very sick for the first few years – she almost died.

So my family, at one point, were the ‘Bad Guys’

I am an advocate of Peace.

“Power properly understood is nothing but the ability to achieve purpose. It is the strength required to bring about social, political and economic change. … What is needed is a realization that power without love is reckless and abusive, and love without power is sentimental and anemic. Power at its best is love implementing the demands of justice, and justice at its best is power correcting everything that stands against love.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

I am an advocate of Peace, yet sadly I’m more pragmatic or cynical – you pick. In my experience, sadly some folks just want to fight.

“Being at peace with yourself does not mean the world is at peace with you.” ~ Me

Moving around the world every two years led to the wee lad Dozer to getting the stuffing knocked out of him pretty frequently. Brother Bear was much better at making friends, while I was better at taking a kicking.

I showed up every time to the new school happy but also very nervous to meet new folks. Mama Bear would always take Brother Bear and I clothes shopping for new duds each year. I was known for being shy until I felt more comfortable then the energetic and imaginative nerd would boil out from the top and my new class mates would stop, look at me, and make fun of me. Those who wanted to do more than make fun of would come after me.

I was always the smallest kid in class, so I learned to dodge. I also learned how to sprint, to quickly put distance between me and those kids until I found a teacher or safe place. When they caught me I learned how to take a hit and I was smart enough to know when I had to hit it had to be a statement and an application of force that would end the fight. My early years shaped my opinion on conflict and my experiences since have continued to evolve that opinion.

War is not good, it is bad. – Fact.

There is no way to change that. Armed conflicts may generate a victor but everyone suffers. If possible they should be avoided.

“Peace does not mean an absence of conflicts; differences will always be there. Peace means solving these differences through peaceful means; through dialogue, education, knowledge; and through humane ways.” ~ Dalai Lama XIV

With that sorted providing some context let’s get down to why I’m here today.

I’ve just finished reading the English transcript of Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan, statement on the 70th anniversary of the end of Second World War here is the link, but it will also be at the end of the post.

11 Aug 2015

Xbox One, almost 1 year - Video Games

- Sorry folks seems my post went up a wee bit late. Also my images are coming later.

Gona sell my soul here in a sec. I was writing a post about my Xbox One and what I’m enjoying and what I’m looking forward to and then I saw the following deal.

Between 9-15 Aug Best Buy is running a deal for the Xbox One. 40” 1080p TV with a 5000GB Xbox One that comes with the Halo: The Master Chief Collection. You can find the deal here but don’t forget it is a limited time only.

Now that I’m done whoring myself out to big box central – let go into the rest of my original post.
So I’ve had an Xbox one for almost a year – how’s it been? Since it’s been losing the console wars less and less by catching up in sales against the PlayStation 4 I have the time to put in some solid game time and form up some opinions on what’ve played and what I’m looking forward to seeing.

6 Aug 2015

RIP Silver Snail (Ottawa) - Comics

A friend was the first to send me the notice. Throughout the day people brought it up when we met. Folks at work asked if I had heard, and my news feed on google slowly filled up.

It seems my history with comic shops has led folks to think I’d care about the ‘crazy’ news. The Silver Snail was closing.

When I was 12, I found work for Anne Billows who owned Orleans Gum Cards and Comics, her husband Don Billows owned Capital City Cards and Comics (it was on Sparks Street across from where Lady Bear work's today!). Each week I earned a half dozen or more comic books, two or three bags of candy from the bulk shop nextdoor, and the odd five dollar bill. When you’re in the seventh grade getting bulk candy and new comics every week was a fucking dream. Over the two years I helped out, I ran into the fine folks from the Comic Cave (now a minor part of the Hobby Center – but still the same gents) at the local comic conventions in the years that Superman died and Image Comics became a thing.

After the Billows shut their pair of doors I worked (for money) for Curt at RGB Comic Corner when I was 14 and 15. After a falling out around 16 years old, I helped out at Comics Xcetera in Orleans working for Murray alongside Serge who also got me working the odd shift at the St Laurent location for Paul. Paul owned the St Laurent location of Comics Xcetera and half of the Orleans location. Murray over ten years ago bought out his store completely and renamed it Entertainment Ink. During this time I also helped out at Kindred Cards and Games which replaced RGB Comic Corner when Mr. B (Greg) bought out the place and after a year closed shop. It was sad to see him close the doors since he's the most pleseant shop keep I've seen over the counter in a comic book shop.

Another alum from the St Laurent location of Comics Xcetera is Dave who owned the Wizard’s Tower at the University of Ottawa, University Center and was forced to relocate. He now runs his shop in Barhaven. Since moving Dave's sold his stake in the Kanata location, to be bought up by the fine folks who owned the other half and since renamed the shop Kobolds Corner. I’ve hung out but I never worked with the gents from the Comic Book Shope, I always take time to chat with Randy (who plays the 40k with Ontos and Rocko) from the Merivale location and last time I saw Paul (not the same Paul from Comics Xcetera) from the Bank Street location, I was coming off a flight from BC and he gave me a big old hug (this is a big deal – I dislike touching folks) and we jabbered before his sister surprised his two kids when she came off her flight.

So I am familiar with comic shops and the ones in Ottawa in particular. I've seen them come and go. I've seen them change names, move locations, and die out - softly with grace or suddenly and without warning.

So the Silver Snail in Ottawa is closing down after 25+ years. Due to the popularity of comic book stories in mainstream media and the age of the store, folks are making such a big deal about it's closing. If this store was so important, all of these people crying lamentations for the Silver Snail should have bought from that store. If they would have done that, the shop would still be open. That's sad about this - it's only getting attention because of Hollywood and the popularity of the comic book 'based' films and not because it's some 'pillar' in the nerd community.

3 Aug 2015

BBQ 3 - Food

So a few things happened this weekend. 

We didn't stay all weekend long at Rocko's family cottage. It was getting cramped and the weather was forcing all the folks inside. We had been there since 1400 on Friday and we left at 2200 on Saturday. 

The place looked great.

Dozer loves his beer in his camping mug

When we arrived on Friday, Me and Lady bear lounged, relaxed, and set up for cooking the next three major meals. 

The smoker turned out well enough even though my DIY smoker is officially dead. I also didn't get any images but lets say I've got a really good handle on my Texas Style rub. Very simple and very easy to put on. 

What a bloody great view

Once the rain kicked in, and the population started to double - plus some fun with my guts. Me and Lady Bear left the cottage. We left the rest of the food for Sunday with Rocko and enjoyed a night drive home.

Since we got back, we've enjoyed the rest of our time and we're looking forward to the coming weekend. So my happy moment with the cottage was the Low Country Boil...