6 Jul 2015

Magic Origins - Magic

So for  those of you who don't play Magic the new set is coming out in two weeks. This set will be the last of the core sets for the foreseeable future. This set is designed to be the start of the story focused sets that will follow. 

There is also a whole new season of my favorite show on Geek and Sundry (with Table Top being a very, very close second. Day 9 is showing up with some more fun filled matches which also looks like it will include a game of Two-Headed Giant. 

In the past you got one core set and through the rest of the year you got a block made up of three sets; one large set followed by a smaller set, and ending with another larger set. The core sets did little to the over arching story of Magic. It was mostly used to update players on the current situation of the characters that were absent from the last block. The blocks are the story filled power behind the game and the plot goes forward. So once a year you get a short story and a update...
Fancy animated image that shows the new rotation to be used
by Wizards of the Coast

Now with the two set blocks, coming out twice a year you get 2 stories a year. So Wizards of the Coast is making this core set a special core set. With some new mechanics, fancy two-sided planeswalkers, and giving us a story that crosses over ten planes - Some are old favorites like Ravnica and Theros while others have only been mentioned in the fluff; like Vyrn - with Kaladesh being the brand new plane to that which is Magic the Gathering.

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First let me say that the first episode of Spellslingers was lots of fun to watch. Currently Tambourine and her husband Big Red have gotten into Magic the Gathering and it's been awesome. They got the M2015 duel deck and Pale Rider has been building cheap but workable decks for them to also play around with.

This coming Sunday at 1600 hours at the LGS, Wizards Tower I will be partnered with Pale Rider for the Two-Headed Giant pre-release for Origin. Lady Bear and Dawn Seeker will be partners for the first time and they played a few games on Saturday evening. They work well together and Dawn
Seeker has found a new love in control decks.

by Wizards of the Coast
Pre-release events are played by crafting a 40 card deck out of five regular booster packs and one seeded booster pack. The seeded booster pack is in the chosen colour of your choice. I talk more about how the whole process works in an earlier post. I'm picking Blue as my colour while Pale Rider will picking one of his more common allied colours, White instead of his primary colour Red. Lady Bear looks like she'll be picking White as well since that's her colour, while Dawn Seeker may be picking something other than Red or Black.

Out of the new mechanics my favorite is unsurprisingly - Spell mastery. My favorite new creature is looking like Willbreaker. It's pretty heavy for a 3UU. Being only 2/3 makes it vulnerable to Red direct damage but until then it's a fancy piece of work snagging creature when you target them with spells.

Speaking about planeswalkers Origins has plenty of Planeswalker love for us all.

Gotta say I'm a fan of what I'm seeing. Plus Origins as promised has shown up with their 'A' game in regards to pushing story. I'm in a love hate relationship with Jace Beleren. I like his cards and his abilities but most of the early fluff ruined him for me. Too many writers trying to get the character down, making the character seem inconsistent. Until Return to Ravnica, I had Jace on my dislike list alongside Chandra. Now with Origins, Jace has gotten a great story that shows off a character I can get behind. Everyone got a good story even Chandra.

Take a look at the Loading Ready Run video as they look at the new Planeswalkers and ponder about dirty Planeswalker tricks to play on folks.

I hope some of the previous less good stories with these planewalkers will be retconned since we had the time travel fun with Ugin in Fates Reforged, from the Tarkir block that just finished. I like the idea of getting some good stories with one of the 'faces' of Magic. It might get Jace on my Top 5 planewaslkers. Jace is so popular the current font used on the cards since Magic 2015 is named Beleren.

I've been lucky regarding my five favorite planeswalkers:

Teferi my favorite planeswalker for Blue was always a Legendary Creature. In Commander 2015 he finally got himself a real planeswalker card - and it's a Commander as well.
Sorin had a great show in Khans of Tarkir
Ugin finally got his card in Fates Reforged.
Gideon is out in Magic Origins as the 'classic' planeswalker for White.
Lastly I got a sexy dream eating planeswalker with Ashiok from the Theros block.

Teferi, Temporal Archmage
by Wizards of the Coast
Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir
by Wizards of the Coast

So Magic Origins is looking like a good thing. If you want a taste of some of the new cards and mechanics watch the first episode of Spellslingers below. Until then here is the card lists from the Wizards of the Coast website. I've also put in the two posts from the game designers on how Origins came about; part one is here and part two is here.

Oh and don't forget there is now a new mulligan rule that starts 31 July this year. At first it will only be for the pro-tour but I see it being used by everyone else for their games.

Enjoy the show I'm off to bed.

- Cheers